Wastelands of Evil

Wastelands of Evil on the map of lower Avataria.

The Wastelands of Evil (Also known as Wasteland of Evil or Land of Evil) is a large region on the lower part of Avataria's main island, north of the Arachi desert and west of the Greatwood Forest. The region was once a lush thriving place, but that changed with the rise of the kingdom of Evil. In the middle of the wastelands stands the Citadel of Evil, home to the KingZaarnoth's twisted minions also built the terrifying Wall of Horror to surround it in a large circle. The wastelands are often covered by thick dark clouds, and the landscape consists mostly of endless hills with dark gray earth, pointy rocks and thorny plants strive to survive in the harsh environment, but the north-eastern part of the wastelands, which is connected to the ocean is much more lively, with a forest of towering green trees and numerous lakes. The south-eastern part roams a huge part of the Arachi desert, also unchanged by the arrival of evil.

The Avataria #2 main storyline details the rebel forces' attack on the Wastelands of Evil. Led by duke Talban, they have managed to get through the eastern gate and build the Rebel Base Camp, wherafter they pushed longer into the wastelands.

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