The evolution of Am'ar Gaardos

Am'ar Gaardos Icon

The character icon of Am'ar Gaardos.

In Avataria #2 I decided to use an orcish character named "Am'ar Gaardos" as my Avatar Character, but few know how much that character means to me. The fact is, that he is a product of my entire social life on the Hive Workshop, and have been through a lot of adventures during all the time I have been on the site. I have used that very same character in several roleplays around different cornors of the broad Hive community, and every roleplay helped shape him to be the unique figure he is today. And he still is under change, and hopefully will be in a long time into the future.

The lore of the past- and later roleplays are not counted as official lore of the Avataria-series, but they definitely left their marks, and I do my best to keep most of these marks intact. Below is the history of Am'ar Gaardos' evolution through the different timelines of all the roleplays that he have participated in. I will also add the stories that I never actually implied into the roleplays, but personally thought of as real lore.

Italic text is meant as notes, seperated from the actual storylines.

1) Peon Amargaard the Daily Peon Reporter

Peon Amargaard Concept Art 1

The first drawing of Peon Amargaard.

The first roleplay he was included in, was "the Daily Peon", a social group roleplay on the Hive Workshop, where you roleplay by uploading your own warcraft III terrain screenshots, and adding a matching story in the description of the picture. The roleplay took place in an alternate Warcraft-universe, and I joined long after it had started, but quickly became a core member of the social group, and stayed in the group for several years. This was the creation of the character and most likely the biggest evolution progress.

The humble peon Amargaard (As he was called back then), grew up as an average orcish worker for Thrall's Horde in Durotar, but he dreamed of becoming a peon reporter, an exciting new profession that peons of Azeroth could take up, and one day his dream came true. He flied with a zeppelin to the legendary Peon Isle, and was successfully taken in as a peon reporter for the newspaper company "The Daily Peon". The leaders of the company sensed so much potential in peon Amargaard, that they gave away the last of their three magical green cameras. However peon Amargaard returned to Durotar, and sadly he had no time to write reports because of a strange hippie-deseace, caused by the hippie lord Evillizard. The hippie-deseace had spread over the entire continent, turning most of the people from Kalimdor into weird hippies. Even Thrall and many of the orcs from Durotar had become peaceful hippies in Evillizard's army. It all got worse when the hippies of Evillizard formed an alliance with the Burning Legion, together they were known as the Burning Potheads. (All this happened before I posted my first picture in the Daily Peon roleplay).

Daily Peon Terrain Picture 1

Peon Amargaard's first newspaper picture.

A grunt from Durotar, called Belgrom Rockmaul "the womanizer", led a small group of Horde refugees, who didn't want to be part of the Burning Potheads, south through the Barrens, into the region known as Thousand Needles, where they fought through hordes of hostile centaurs for days. Peon Amargaard was part of this group, and one day, during their travel in the Thousand Needles, he decided to make his first report. He took a picture of himself in Belgrom's camp and wrote about their current situation. The report successfully went into the newspaper and was sent out to the people of Azeroth. That report was soon followed by several others by peon Amargaard, detailing the journey of "Belgrom's Choppas", as they liked to call themselves. Finally they reached the Tanaris desert, but uncertain of the way to the goblin city Gadgetzan, Belgrom decided to order peon Amargaard to walk into the hot desert and try find the way alone, and tell the others if he found it.

Daily Peon Terrain Picture 2

Peon Amargaard in the Caverns of Time.

Peon Amargaard did as he was told and wandered into the merciless desert, and after a long walk without any signs of Gadgetzan, he decided to walk towards the nearest mountain instead, which apparently was the home of the bronze dragons, the magical caverns of time. The bronze dragons didn't mind the peon entering their underground tunnel. Suddenly, while exploring the caverns for a while, he noticed a huge gold ore, and his peon reflexes made him start digging in the cave wall with his pickaxe, completely forgetting that the tunnels were owned by huge powerful dragons. Suddenly he accidently caused the cave wall to collapse, and a new mysterious tunnel was revealed behind it. He and the bronze dragons entered the tunnel curiously, and realized that he had discovered many new portals back in time. Peon Amargaard entered one of the portals, which lead him to a past event in Darkshore, where he overheard a conversation between a group of night elven druids. The leader druid Fandral Staghelm introduced the others about his plan to create a new world tree on the nearby island, Kalidar. However, a group from the Infinite Dragonflight arrived, and killed all the druids, thus changing a part of the Azerothian timeline to the worse. Having experienced why Teldrassil was never created, peon Amargaard was returned to the caverns, where he was greeted by a female bronze dragon called Alurmi. She thanked him for finding all the new portals, so the Bronze Dragonflight and the Keepers of Time could protect these new historic events from the rival Infinite dragonflight who wanted to destroy the timeline, like they sadly had already done to the Teldrassil event as peon Amargaard had just witnessed. In thanks, she gave him a bronze dragon mount and enchanted his pickaxe with an unknown time-spell.
Daily Peon Terrain Picture 4

Belgrom's Choppas in Gadgetzan.

Peon Amargaard left the cave, and tried his new mount, and quickly reached Gadgetzan, where he surprisingly also found Belgrom Rockmaul and the others. A goblin called Snixx had joined the group, and adviced Belgrom to head west, towards the sea, where they could easily find work to do, in order to earn money. Belgrom followed Snixx' advice and their journey continued west, until they reached the fishing village known as Steamwheedle Port. At the port, Snixx met a goblin "friend" called fisherman Gikkix, who he owed money. Belgrom was forced to pay the bill, and meanwhile bought Gikkix' fishing boat.

Daily Peon Terrain Picture 6

Belgrom's Choppas on the Bladefist Bay.

With the boat, Belgrom's Choppas sailed north all the way back up to the shores of Durotar, where they met the last survivors of the Trolmanian empire in the region, wearing the Kul Tiras sign. In these drastic times with the Burning Potheads still around, those two races could no longer be enemies, so Belgrom Rockmaul and the human Lieutenant Benedict made a temporary alliance. Benedict told Belgrom everything that had happened in Durotar, after the arrival of the Burning Potheads. The drug addicted Drek'thar had hipified Orgrimmar completely, and his powers kept on rising. Recently he had started summoning weed monsters from the unknown home planet of hippies. They decided to attack the city together and hope for the best. 

The next morning, the anti hippies walked towards the hipified city of Orgrimmar, and everything Benedict had said was true. Drek'thar was an extremely powerful hippie, who summoned two huge green portals to welcome the enemy group. The green portals spawned weed monsters, and then Drek'thar killed Belgrom and Benedict mercilessly with a chain lightning spell. Peon Amargaard, and few others from the group, was accidently sucked into the green portals, and everything turned black... 

The evolution progress:

  • Basic information, such as being an orc, is given. The Warcraft III peon design also explains Am'ar Gaardos' weird tusks and characteristic looks.
  • He gets a Green Camera 3, later renamed GC3, and a pickaxe that later is changed to a staff. His Time Stop spell is also explained.
  • The mysterious bronze draconian friend of Am'ar following him on Getax in the past, also appeared in the Daily Peon, as a bronze dragon mount.


2) Peon Amargaard of the Protectorate

Peon Amargaard Concept Art 3

The third concept art of Peon Amargaard.

Later during "the Daily Peon" roleplay, peon Amargaard was soon given a more important and serious role. He turned from a peon reporter to a warrior of the Protectorate, and evolved a great deal towards what Am'ar Gaardos is known as today.

Peon Amargaard and a few other survivors from "Belgrom's Choppas" and the Kul Tiras regiment had been teleported to planet Argus, the Burning Potheads' twisted homeworld. They were soon greeted by a troll hippie shaman, called Sen'jequib Fireweed. He took away all of their weapons, including peon Amargaard's enchanted pickaxe, and guided them peacefully towards their capital Mac'aree. At first, peon Amargaard was interested in the hippie culture and thought of them as a peaceful people, but during their travels to the capital, he realized more and more how much they were being controlled by the demons of the Burning Legion.

Daily Peon Terrain Picture 12

Peon Amargaard meeting Dragram

At the gates of Mac'aree, Sen'jequib, peon Amargaard and the others met Arthas, Snixx and a pedophile ogre - all had been hipified and served Evillizard unquestioned, but Peon Amargaard and the others were allowed to walk freely in the capital, still with their weapons taken from them though. Peon Amargaard walked around and suddenly stumbled upon a strange part of the city, where the inhabiting Eredar people seemed normal, not hipified nor mindcontrolled by the Burning Legion. He stepped close to a tent, where an Eredar was speaking to a magical crystal. Peon Amargaard asked who he was talking to, but when the Eredar noticed the peon behind him, he accused Peon Amargaard of spying for the hippies. However, when he afterwards tried reading Peon Amagaard's mind and found nothing there, he instead introduced himself as Dragram, and explained that he and his people, the Protectorate, were planning a mission that would unhipify the hippies, and save their planet from the evil grisp of the Burning Legion. Peon Amargaard gladly joined their cause.
Daily Peon Terrain Picture 13

The planning to retrieve back Peon Amargaard's belongings.

Peon Amargaard quickly grew friends with Dragram, who taught the peon to fight and basic war tactics. Meanwhile, Dragram sent a Protectorate captain on a mission to retrieve Peon Amargaard's stolen belongings from Sen'jequib Fireweed. The Protectorate captain successfully brought back all of Peon Amargaard's valuable items; his green camera 3, the magic pickaxe, the bronze dragon mount - as well as a new baby potreant pet, and a hippie wagon with a captured Sen'jequib and Screen inside.

Daily Peon Terrain Picture 15

The Master Peon's funeral.

Soon after getting his stuff back, Peon Amargaard was summoned to the legendary Peon Isle, where he witnessed the sad funeral of the Master Peon, who had recently died of old age. The Master Peon's son held a speech to all the gathered peon reporters, who mourned together of the loss. After the funeral. peon Amargaard travelled around the isles, seeing an arena being under construction on one of them.
Daily Peon Terrain Picture 18

The Protectorate Six.

Peon Amargaard returned to Argus and continued his hard training for the upcoming war. After completing several training sessions, Dragram sent him to the allied Nerub'al city Argost-Ner'al, where he was trained even further. However, more allies came to the secret Protectorate base, and it was decided that a group of six heroes, known as the Protectorate Six, should journey south from Argost-Ner'al on a secret mission. Peon Amargaard was one of these six. (Back then, I started working on a campaign that was supposed to feature these six Protectorate heroes, but I never finished it, and during the time I worked on it, Peon Amargaard made no appearances in any pictures).

Daily Peon Terrain Picture 20

Dragram and the Protectorate Six in Silly Lil Ant's realm.

However, one day, Argus blew up and most of the Protectorate forces were teleported to Silly Lil Ant's personal realm. Silly Lil Ant told them that they would be summoned to Azeroth, where they would be needed the most, but before leaving, Dragram called for a meeting with the Protectorate Six. He gave them all medals of honor, and thanked them for their heroic work during the Argussian War. Then everybody gathered outside, preparing to walk through the portal, not knowing where it would lead them. Dragram held a speech, and then turned around to be the first to enter their new destiny.

Daily Peon Terrain Picture 22

The arrival in Ashenvale.

Dragram and his people walked through the portal, and arrived in the middle of Ashenvale, where Silly Lil Ant had left them a message. He promised that if they followed the map, and understood the riddles, they would successfully be led to their destiny. Dragram followed Silly Lil Ant's map, and understood the messages hidden in the riddles, until his army reached Eluna'Vi territory, and came to knowledge that the powerful night elven faction had split into two due to a civil war. They met Einnor, a commander of the Moonlight force, and joined his side against the Na'vi clan. Soon after, a high ranked Na'vi assassin known as Mira attacked, along with a team of Na'vi assassins. Luckily, Einnor was victorious with the help of Dragram's forces, but Peon Amargaard's dragon got severely wounded from one of Mira's poisonous knives in it's eye. Einnor told him that her poison was strong, and that he didn't know the cure for it, but there was no time to waste. They had to move on, towards the Moonlight headquarters, Fort Esirb'tan, and a saddened Peon Amargaard had to take his wounded dragon with him.
Peon Amargaard Concept Art 4

The fourth, unfinished concept art of Peon Amargaard.

I never got to finish my latest plot because the Daily Peon roleplay was stopped and restarted in a whole new world, but I had planned to let the night elven clans reunite in peace, and Peon Amargaard's dragon should survive. Then I was thinking of founding a city on the Kalidar island, which Peon Amargaard saw on one of his very first pictures. 

The evolution progress:

  • He becomes an active, muscular, skilled and heroic character, instead of being the silly, passive and lulzy peon reporter he used to be - Much more like the current Am'ar.
  • The third concept art revealed shoulder pads and jeans, much identical to the ones that he currently wears.
  • The fourth concept art pushed him a lot more towards his current appearance, with the black sunglasses appearing, and the scar on his left eyebrow. He is also shown wearing the vest that he is still using, the DP-belt and a new icon on his pickaxe, which is still used on his staff. His shoulder pads, however, are completely different from the ones he had in the third concept art, but later concept arts show a combination of the two shoulder pads.


3) The Arena

Peon Amargaard Concept Art 5 (The Arena)

The fifth, unfinished, concept art of Peon Amargaard.

With the Daily Peon roleplaying dying out, I started searching for new roleplays on the Hive Workshop, that I could participate in, and found one in the Roleplaying forum called The Arena, where I decided to reuse my old character again. This roleplay didn't last long, but it definitely contributed a lot to the character's evolution progress. For an example did he no longer use the peon title, and was known as Amargaard only in the Arena, and later renamed Am'ar Gaardos.

Am'ar Gaardos had been teleported to a new world, where he was caught by a mysterious, rich and powerful man, who erased Am'ar's memory and used the orc as his personal slave, as well as training him to use the enchanted pickaxes and the strange green gun he brought with him from his unknown homeplanet, the proper way. During an arena match, which Am'ar's owner watched from the amphi-theater, he decided to sign in Am'ar in the dangerous Arena contest.

The Arena Am vs Rakol

A quickly-drawn comic of the battle between Amargaard and Rakol.

They were both teleported to a waiting room, where Am'ar met his first opponent. A large black man called Rakol, who confidently predicted the outcome of the match to be in his favor. Am'ar and Rakol was teleported into the Arena, where they competed evenly, but despise Rakol's confidence, Am'ar used his Time Stopping spell, and ended the match with a shot through Rakol's chest with his green gun.

Am'ar was returned to his owner's secret mansion, where the owner gave him a strange orb for using in the next battle, which was with a fighter called Kisuke. Am'ar made a foolish attack on the quick opponent, who easily stabbed the orc through his chest (Later concept arts all reveal a scar on his chest), but as the orc lay dying he came to think of the orb. He used it and regained his strenght, but was once again forced to the ground as Kisuke summoned magic hancuffs on his feet and hands. Am'ar's latest attempt to be victorious was with his green gun, but seeing Kisuke dodging the beam as well, made him give up hope. However, they were both teleported away, and Am'ar had to face his owner's punishment in the secret mansion, where the owner magically made him faint.

Am'ar woke up, bound by iron chains, in the middle of an abandonned town on Planet Zero, being sure his fate was to die there. He went back to sleep after a while, but woke up inside one of the town's poor houses, untied from the chains. He soon discovered Kisuke sleeping on a chair, and left the building with a smile on his face, for once in a long time. Soon, he met Kestrel and Kisuke who had awakened and introduced himself, but they soon seperated again, with Am'ar walking without course and ended up in a warm mountain tunnel. Following it into the deeps he reached a home for huge hostile lizards, and accidently woke them up. The frightening lizards attacked him, but he was saved by another powerful fighter known as Eld. They left the caverns together, Am'ar dragging a lizard with him for food, heading back to the ruined town.

However, a swarm of large bloodthirsty insects came flying towards them, and Eld offered to carry the lizard. They escaped all the way back to the town, and just before they arrived, Eld killed all the insects with a powerful attack. At the town Am'ar offered lizard meal to Kestrel and Eld, whose Fire Orbs were used to make a campfire, but Kisuke soon returned to the town, ordering them to douse the fire, as another much larger insect swarm was nearing in on them. Luckily Eld's magic powers killed many of the insects, but in the end made him faint as well. Kisuke then realized that whoever had sent them here wanted to test their strenght, while Am'ar protected the fainted Eld. It appeared Kisuke was right, as a shadowy figure appeared before them, and tall walls shot up around them, as part of a second test. A horrifying creature digged it's way up to the surface of the ground, and attacked the group. However, it was defeated, and another shadowy figure started a third test, that made everyone from the group appear as shadowy beings to eachother.

He was locked into a battle with Kestrel, which ended up in a tie with both dying.

They probably would have been ressurected under normal sircumstances, but the roleplay ended, and I created the Avataria roleplay just after it.

The evolution progress:

  • Sometime during the roleplay Amargaard decided to change the character's name to Am'ar Gaardos, which is the same name that is still in use today.
  • He is taken even more seriously than previously, with a drastic change of personality. He became the untalkative man-of-actions, who seems to be much more stoic and hardened than in the Daily Peon roleplay, with little joy in life. His voice is also revealed to be dark, and his age is revealed to be 46. 
  • The fifth concept art reveals a slightly less peony look, with more masculine bearded cheeks. A skewed strap stretches from his shoulder pad across his chest, holding his green gun on the back. It also added a few scrathes on the shoulder pads that remains today, and renewed the Daily Peon belt's to it's current looks. His jeans got pockets and his bare feet are covered in the still unchanged boots. A metallic bottom to his pickaxe was also added, as well as a wristband saying "The Arena" (Which was inspired by the Roskilde Festival wristband). 
  • For the first time, the powers of the enchanted green gem on his pickaxe weapon (Peon Amargaard's pickaxe was enchanted by the Bronze Dragon Alurmi in the early Daily Peon roleplay with unknown time altering magic) is shown to be able to Time Stop an enemy for a short duration, totally disabling them from moving their body, and also being able to escape time stopping spells himself. Additionally, his Green Camera 3 appears as a powerful beam-shooting gun for the first time too.

4) Avataria #2

Am'ar Gaardos V6

Am'ar Gaardos Concept Art Version 6, by Amargaard.

With a few roleplayers from the Arena agreeing to particpate in my new roleplay, the story started out, totally unaware of where it would end up. And of course Am'ar was reused, changed a lot before the roleplay, and even more during it.
Post 1 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object

[1] - Am'ar saving duke Talban.

Most of Am'ar Gaardos' past is unknown and only little of it have been revealed yet. It is known that he was a world traveller and that he visited Getax with a draconian companion, where he bought his powerful weapon, the GC3, from Mr. Tekan.

He arrived in Avataria by portal, in an attempt to escape something unknown, and soon after saved Jorn Talban from a monster, whereafter he joined the rebels in their journey towards the Wall of Horror. At the wall, he met the cyborg Regex and the draconian Kargath, which he fought side by side with. However, an evil virus being named Arcisal, possessed Am'ar and controlled him during the rebels charging into the Wastelands of Evil, until the elven rebel Aaron captured the virus. Am'ar, Aaron, Kargath and Alaina then charged into the battlefield together...

They finally got possession of the gate and built the Rebel Base Camp, whereafter they attacked key positions of the Kingdom of Evil like Razet's tower and the Arena several times.

One day, Am'ar got the title as Rebel Commander, and the task to look out for the Rebel Base Camp, while the rest of the army went with either the duke or with Commander Asorath.

The evolution progress:

  • During the roleplay he shows calm and intelligent traits that haven't appeared in previous roleplays.
  • The sixth concept art of Am'ar revealed more bushy eyebrows, a change in the shade's design, a hairy chest with a scar and a tattoo on his shoulder. A hood and two patches had been added to his vest - one brown, the other saying MLP. He now only wears one shoulder pad, with mixed designs from the third and fifth concept art, and the skewed strap has been replaced by a leathery belt decorated with gems and batteries for his gun. He now also wears a wrench in his pocket, and the DP-belt have been changed slightly, just like the shoes, which have gotten a few scratches. Most remarkably, however, is the change of his pickaxe weapon into a unique staff/scythe.


5) Hive's Heroic Holidays

Am'ar & David

Am'ar and his adopted magical skull son David.

During Avataria #2, I also entered another social group roleplay, with an even more silly plot than the Daily Peon. It was a social group that changed it's theme each holiday, with ongoing roleplaying, as well as concept art- and terraining contests.

HHH - Christmas Eve - Final Entry

Am'ar Gaardos decorating a tree in Santa Claus' living room at Christmas Eve.

Am'ar Gaardos had journeyed in what felt like an eternity, into the icy landscape of the North Pole searching for the legendary Santa Claus. He finally found Santa Claus' factory in one of many snowy valleys, and knocked on the door, scared of being rejected. However, the lovely Santa Claus opened up the door, and accepted Am'ar as his worker and body guard, despite his orcish appearance. After being recruited he befriended many of Santa Claus' other loyalists, Kari the inventor, DeadlyStroke the lightning soldier, Deolrin the armored troll and Ralle the moose. Soon, the Mad King's legion arrived, attempting to ruin Christmas and take over the holiday. However, with Kari's new LoveSlave-invention Santa Claus' team successfully captured and gained control of the Mad King's body, which they used to make him give Santa Claus a food massage that lasted the most of December month, but the Mad King's legion continued their assault. During this war, Am'ar made a passive young girl called Bernkastel join the good side, but she betrayed him and later on made her own cult of Cthulhu, thinking Santa Claus was too good and the Mad King was too weak. Am'ar fought on, eventually entering Hell where he found the magical skull boy called David in a fiery hell pit in the Mad King's home, and adopted him as his own son, bringing him back to Santa Claus' factory and taught him to be good instead of evil - then awarded him for his goodness by giving him sunglasses and the skeletal felhound pet known as Bisnar in Christmas presents. Due to the lack of leader combined with a lot of deserters in the Mad King's legion, Santa Claus' elves easily won the war.

Concept Art Contest - Cupid & Psyche - Final Entry

Am'ar relaxing in the valentine's season.

However, when the winter season ended, they all had to leave Santa Claus' factory. Instead, the season of love started, and Cupid, the god of love, recruited many believers in true love, including Am'ar, while the rivaling god of insanity, Mania gathered a team of evil. Am'ar spent most of his time either arguing why love is better than hate, or sitting in the grass and reading the lovestory called "Not Twilight", or productively working on a passionate scenery with his adoptive son David. However, Mania's arrival triggered a twisting in existence, turning Am'ar into a weed-smoking junkie. It is still not known who won the war...
At Gyro's

Am'ar listening to the Mad King's story in Gyro's.

Afterwards, several characters of good and evil gathered in the famous bar "Gyro's", owned by the flying sheep Gyro. Am'ar had taken David and Bisnar with him, and sat in the bar smoking weed and drank beer, while listening to the sad Mad King's story of being expelled from his own legion with his magical skull known as Hell Master being the only one staying loyal to him. Coincidentally Hell Master and David were brothers so they all had a good time, while a lot of drama happened elsewhere in the bar. Suddenly Paillan teleported Am'ar, David, the Mad King, Hell Master, DeadlyStroke and Legion King to the Destruction World, where they were supposed to train together to defeat a foe, who would soon arrive. The foe revealed herself to be no other than Bernkastel, who had become extremely powerful lately, and her loyal companion, Alagremm the powerful cultist. With her new powers, she turned David into an evil monstrosity and declared war upon the others. However, David stayed on Am'ar's side, and fought Alagremm instead, while Hell Master fused with the Mad King and fought Bernkastel. Am'ar, being no match to either of these super-powers, decided to stand passively and watch the fights. The fight ended when Paillan returned and magically removed Bernkastel's powers. She and Alagremm left the Destruction World, and Hell Master defused with the Mad King, but the king was gone. Am'ar decided to adopt Hell Master as well, renaming him Ken, and returned to Gyro's bar with his two sons and Bisnar...

Concept Art Contest - Easter Bunny - WiP 3

Am'ar and Gen Bloodhorn finds the Thumper-costume.

Later on, the people in the bar were supposed to pick out two opposing leaders for the upcoming Easter event, and Am'ar was chosen as the first, while Bernkastel was chosen as the second. Am'ar named his team "team T.h.u.m.p.e.r." (Truly Heroic Uber Mankind Prioritizing Easter Ranting) recruited Kari as his loyal second-in-command, his son Kenny, Paillan the half-angel, Deolrin the armored Troll, Juno the cat, Gen Bloodhorn the Tauren fsjal, and Gyro also supported the team. Sadly, Bernkastel managed to seduce David to join her team. Kari found the perfect spot in the forest for building their camp, but soon they discovered the Easter event's host Thumper, who they had named themselves after, was only a disguise worn by an unknown person. While trying to figure out who this person was, and also planning an attack mission on Bernkastel's team Millennium, Kari, Kenny and Paillan left the camp to explore their surroundings. They found a pile of bones, which they put together, realized it was a living headless child's skeletal body. After having a little fun with it, Paillan was poisoned by a beer from the corrupted David, and with the poison remaining in his blood he journeyed stubbornly towards Bernkastel's hidden fortress. Wanting to protect the poisoned ally from causing harm to himself, Am'ar and Kenny decided to look for him, quickly catching up when Am'ar smoked some magical weed enabling him to fly...

The evolution progress:

  • Am'ar get a lot more social, peaceful and relaxed around others than before, and evolves a fatherly personality towards David and Kenny.
  • He rarely wears his shoulder pad, staff and gun, but he still has them. Three batteries for his gun has been added to the leathery belt across his chest, but other than that, his looks aren't changed in any noteworthy direction.


6) Peon Amargaard returns

Pic 1

Am'ar in the rift directed at Dio Para.

Meanwhile in the Daily Peon group, the roleplaying-era known as "the Dark Prophecy" had ended in a heavy inactivity, and I decided to bring back the old Peon Amargaard from the old Daily Peon roleplay (Still bearing the remarkable changes from all the other roleplays), in a completely new world for old Daily Peon characters.
Pic 5

Am'ar, Tleno and Misha visiting Pyrie.

Am'ar Gaardos found himself in the middle of a black cyberspace, in a portal rift between worlds. He had lost all of his memories, and he wasn't even sure where he was coming from or where he was heading, but soon he arrived in a circular glass cabin, with people of different race origin outside staring at him. The glass was removed and a man called Tleno introduced himself, claiming to have known Am'ar in the past. Tleno then revealed their location, the underground dome city known as Dio Para, in the mysterious realm of the Master Peon, a wondrous place where many of the old characters (from the Daily Peon roleplay) had been teleported to, and lived together in peace. A familiar dwarf called Screen came by, but Am'ar didn't recognize him or anyone else who claimed to know him in the past, as Peon Amargaard. Tleno then showed Am'ar around the streets of Dio Para, leading him past Fairfield the guard of a cavern, into the natural tunnels, ending up in Dio Para's sewer station where they met Misha the Naga, and in a cage close by, Am'ar's former bronze dragon mount, Pyrie. However, the dragon had went out of control, and Tleno revealed that they would have to kill it if not Am'ar knew how to get it back in control. He didn't, and depressed with having the destiny of an unknown life in his hands, he decided to head for the bar known as "Gyro's", where Screen was getting drunk, and soon after captured.

Pic 8

Adam Shephard reading Silly Lil Ant's letter for Am'ar out loud.

The next day, Tleno led Am'ar to a mining tunnel, where he was supposed to work under Adam Shephard's command. During his first day of work, he discovered some magic pylons and a letter by Silly Lil Ant, but Shephard took the letter and secretly brought it to the evil Prophetess's lair...

The idea of restarting the roleplay, however, wasn't welcomed very well in the Daily Peon group, and the story thus ended here.

The evolution progress:

  • Am'ar was revealed to have brown eyes under his sunglasses.


Other pictures

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