Plans for Avataria #3

During #1 I got a lot of experience about running an RP, which helped me make #2 even more successful. And the same thing happened during #2 - I've gotten a lot of experience, and from this experience I will prepapre myself even more for #3, to prevent the bad things, that I experienced, from happening again, and keep it a better quality roleplay than the two predecessors.

Thus I will make a list of changes here, that I am planning to do, as well as things I'd like to keep the way they are. Keep in mind, that these are only ideas, and might be changed.

Feel free to make a comment below with your opinions.

Less Chapters:

In #1 and #2, I used the same system for chapters. That every fifth post would be the start of a new chapter and that every fifth chapter would reset all roleplayers' permission to create new characters.

But during #2 I realised that most of the chapters are totally unneeded and is only creating confusion. So in #3 I am planning to get rid of these extra chapters, and add more space between them. In #3 every chapter will reset the players' permission to create new characters.

Minor changes in the rules:

I thought of making first person writing forbidden, as those posts have been very confusing during #2.

In #3 I will also make sure that the already-existing rules shall be followed without question, or the posts will be rejected.

Chosen Characters:

I am planning to introduce a new feature called Chosen Characters, which means that some characters, chosen by me, is in the roleplay from the very beginning, and can be used like any other character without having to be introduced by a roleplayer as an Avatar Character or Secondary Character. These characters are chosen, based on their importance on the main plot of the past roleplays and the universe in general.

I have yet to decide the exact characters, but so far these are who I thought of mostly - Silverstein, Blood Arc, Talban, The King, Zaarnoth.

Design preparations:

This time I'd like to be prepared - not only with the background lore, but also with the design. That means that all characters that are in it from the start will have an icon already. I will also post several Avataria #3-related requests in Bladetitan Signatures, that will all match together. Firstly, a banner for the roleplay, that I will use in the main thread on the first page. Secondly, a signature for myself, with a part of it dedicated to the roleplay.

The Storyline:

Of course #3 will have a unique storyline, but I am planning to merge the storylines of #1 and #2 in this one, so the whole series will make more sense.

My plan is that #3 starts out 5 years after the fall of the Kingdom of Evil. Talban has founded a new kingdom on the ruins of the Citadel of Evil, and have become a beloved king, working hard to raise the new nation, while slowly curing the wastelands of evil, from corrupted landscape and remaining minions of Zaarnoth.

Talban sends Am'ar, who has been working as Talbans loyal advisor ever since he arrived on Avataria, and a few other handselected warriors on a journey towards the north, with the goal of reaching Reyvmadir and the other smaller human kingdoms and unite them, to bring peace to Avataria.

But their journey will not be a peaceful one...

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