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    The evolution of Am'ar Gaardos

    In Avataria #2 I decided to use an orcish character named "Am'ar Gaardos" as my Avatar Character, but few know how much that character means to me. The fact is, that he is a product of my entire social life on the Hive Workshop, and have been through a lot of adventures during all the time I have been on the site. I have used that very same character in several roleplays around different cornors of the broad Hive community, and every roleplay helped shape him to be the unique figure he is today. And he still is under change, and hopefully will be in a long time into the future.

    The lore of the past- and later roleplays are not counted as official lore of the Avataria-series, but they definitely left their marks…

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  • Amargaard

    Here I will make a list of all characters from Avataria #2, and add a short description of their current situation in the roleplay. The list will be following alphabetic order.

    Characters not included: Anklya, Arcisal, Aris, Arkrion, Auxion, Cadaos, Claira, Darkness, Geto, Mr. Tekan, Nargos, Taera & Zaarnoth.

    This post was last updated at [209].

    Last post featuring this character: [207]

    Current location: Rebel Base Camp

    After fighting with the spirit of Razet, Aaron returned to the Rebel Base Camp, where he met Alaina, Jerag and Regex.

    Yellow Aaron and Blue Aaron are trapped in an unknown dimension.

    Last post featuring this character: [190]

    Current location: Rebel Base Camp

    Aina has been staying for a long while in the Rebel Base Camp, waiting for …

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    Plans for Avataria 3

    July 20, 2012 by Amargaard

    During #1 I got a lot of experience about running an RP, which helped me make #2 even more successful. And the same thing happened during #2 - I've gotten a lot of experience, and from this experience I will prepapre myself even more for #3, to prevent the bad things, that I experienced, from happening again, and keep it a better quality roleplay than the two predecessors.

    Thus I will make a list of changes here, that I am planning to do, as well as things I'd like to keep the way they are. Keep in mind, that these are only ideas, and might be changed.

    Feel free to make a comment below with your opinions.

    In #1 and #2, I used the same system for chapters. That every fifth post would be the start of a new chapter and that every fifth chapter w…

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  • Amargaard

    Note: The following list is not written in the order I want to finish the tasks.

    • Improve all stubs.
    • Continue the list of chapters and posts in Avataria 2.
    • Finish the Characters' Current Situation.

    • Finish Regex icon. Then start working on the other icons from Avataria #2.
    • Finish the optional artistic object from [180].
    • Draw the upper half of the Avatarian world map.
    • Draw Am'ar Gaardos version 7, and make icon from it (When Avataria #2 ends).
    • Continue the Avataria #2 plot.
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