The seed of power is a gift from Cadaos to Aaron Talwar. During a duel the two had near the Wall of Horror, Aaron revealed that he knew Cadaos' sad past on planet Getax, and Cadaos decided to give the elf a small amount of his own magic powers, which heavily increased Aaron's strength and magic capabilities, with powers to grow magic wings, use powerful healing including clearing out poisonous wounds and even reviving fallen friends, blasting off giant bolts of lightning, wrapping allies in unbreakable adamantium cocoons that partially rejuvenates their youth but makes some technological objects malfunctioning, or enemies in acid cocoons surrounded by extremely powerful barriers of holy energy, and several other abilities, though they all require a lot of magic energy and takes a great toll on Aaron's strength, making him sleepy. He has recently gotten it unlocked further via Dracor. It has enabled him to teleport around Avataria, It is unknown whether Aaron can leave Avataria with this new power.

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