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Vital statistics
Title(s) System Manager
Race Undead Cyborg
Affiliation Rebel forces
Status Alive (Undead)
Location Rebel Base Camp
Other facts
Created by Ironside
Featured in Avataria #2

Regex is a cyborg from a future world, where he constructed a powerful robot civilisation. He arrived in Avataria by Time Machine, and joined the Rebel forces in their fight against the Kingdom of Evil. He was later killed by Selia, when she was under control of Auxion, but luckily ressurected later on as an undead by Dracor.

Regex is featured as Ironside's Avatar Character in Avataria #2.


Regex created the Mecha Tier 4, a powerful robot civilisation in an unknown time in the future. A yet unknown event forced him to develop a Time Machine and travel back in time. The mission backfired and he was instead traveling in an unknown rift between time and space which left him in Avataria, unable to get back. His main quest was to find the resources to build another Time Machine and go back to his own time, but due to the war which was at hand he instead joined rebels and fought with them against the Kingdom of Evil, at the Wall of Horror. There he met many new friends and allies, Am'ar, Talban, Kargath, among others.

He later ended up in a battle with Auxion, at which he was saved by Selia, but soon after Auxion took control over Selia's body and Regex was killed by his companion Selia. However, Selia managed to gain back control, and with the help of Dracor, she defeated Auxion. Dracor then brought Regex back to life, using his demonic powers.

Selia teleported back to her homeworld, while Regex and Dracor travelled to the Rebel Base Camp.

Description in detailsEdit

Regex the System Manager V1

Concept art of Regex by Amargaard.

Regex is a cyborg, with a complete surface like a human in his fourties, except for a scar on his chin, revealing metal beneath the flesh. He wears a tall black tophat, which casts a constant shadow over his eyes, and short dark hair. He wears a red shirt, with an attached digital device. Above the shirt is a large black coat, matching his tuxedo pants and shoes.

Regex seemed to be an emotionless character, but that was proved wrong when he was reminded of his beloved daughter in his homeworld. Despite his distrust in everybody he don't know well, he is a good person, who fights for the weak. However, he keeps his secrets secret and only participate in social activities and interact with others, if he finds a good reason for it. Because of that, many find him very mysterious.

Regex is an exceptionally talented engineer and good at using weapons. He brought a strange laptop computer with him from the future, which he uses to transfer chosen digital weapons and devices from a large collection, all crafted by himself. In combat he normally stays out of hand-to-hand combat, sticking to his many gadgets instead, but project Omega allows him to switch into "melee mode". As a cyborg, his body obviously has more possibilities than a normal human body, like the "Mega Punch", which opens a fire-booster at the back of his hand making him punch faster and harder than normal, but most noteworthy is his signature move "Coup de Burst", which cause him to move inhumanly fast. He is also able to make his body parts turn into visible hard metal when he wants to.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Regex was introduced in [2].
  • Regex the System Manager is based on a character of the same name from Ironside's own map, Titan Land.
  • A work-in-progress icon for Regex have been shown by Amargaard.
  • Regex have an unknown daughter in his homeworld, that he love dearly.