The Rebel Base Camp is the current headquarters of the Rebels. It was build by building a wall inside the Wall of Horror, creating a small, enclosed area for the rebels. Originally it's commander was Duke Talban, but as he headed out to the battlefield, Am'ar Gaardos became the commander in charge.

The camp has two gates - one on the newly built wall, which heads towards the Citadel of Evil, and the other gate towards Talban village. This gate was recreated and enhanced by Dracor Scaleflame's magic, becoming the Gate of the Ray of Hope.

After the Duke headed out, there were only three platoons left in the camp:

  • The Juggernauts, the best defense unit of the Rebels
  • The Freedom Riders, the fastest unit, which only consists of cavalry
  • The Impalers, an archer unit

There were some elves left there as well, whose captain offered to defend the new gate.

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