Razet's tower was a tall and terrifying black tower placed on a hill in the outskirts of the Wastelands of Evil, located between the Wall of Horror's eastern gate and the Citadel of Evil. It had dark spiraling stairs and windows overlooking the battlefield from the basement all the way to the top, where one could enter the top of the tower; a circular dark platform surrounded by a rock-fence. The bottom of the stairs leads to an old wooden door, hiding the horrifying basement room, formerly used as laboratory and workroom by the tower's former foreman Overlord Razet. The still-standing dusty basement has bottles filled with strangely colored liquid, bookshelves covered in spiderwebs, strange machinery, and old tables with open books, scrolls and small notes all over the place, as well as a small prison. 

However, the upper half part of the tower was destroyed by Razet and Darkness, when they were fighting Aaron, and soon after half of the remaining tower creaked below the immense black dragon Cadaos who had fused with Darkness. The rebel forces successfully took over the territory. Only some of the first floor and the basement is still intact, and accessible through the tower's ruins on the hill of Hillcrose Top. The destroyed upper part of the tower, lies shattered in bricks and pieces around the hill.

It was mentioned in [50], that Razet kept the antidote for his dangerous poison somewhere in the tower.

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