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Vital statistics
Title(s) Overlord, royal guard of Evil
Race Human
Affiliation Kingdom of Evil
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Other facts
Created by -Peper-
Featured in Avataria #2

Overlord Razet is a human in service of the Kingdom of Evil. He was in charge of Razet's tower until it fell to the rebel forces. He was killed by the Aarons during a failed attack on the Rebel Base Camp, but his soul is known to have lived on and haunted the Aarons, until he regained his living body again with his infesting power.

Razet is featured as one of -Peper-'s Secondary Characters in Avataria #2.


Razet had been an Overlord for a couple of years when Cadaos landed on top of his tower one day, asking him of Avataria's current war. Razet told the dragon of the kingdom of Evil and the opposing rebel forces, but when he introduced himself friendly, the dragon rejected him rudely and flied off the tower. Razet was heavily irritated by Cadaos' ignorant behavior, and headed for the basement of the tower with his secret laboratory, in order to concoct a special paralyzing poison that he could use to take revenge upon the dragon.

When Cadaos returned to the top of the tower, Razet stabbed him in the right foreleg, with a blade infused with the special poison. The effect soon spread to the angry dragon's entire body, draining it's powers. Razet sat by it's side, waiting patiently to later kill the dragon, but his plan failed, when the furious elf Aaron Talwar flied to the top of tower to aid Cadaos, to keep a promise the two had made. With the help of the seed of power, he impaled Razet's heart with an icy blade, then cursed him to live forever until he had learned the prospects of honor. Lastly, Aaron trapped him in a round force field, rolling off the edge of the tower's flat roof.

However, Razet, with Darkness taking the form of Razet's silhouette, jumped into the middle of the tower, causing half of the upper part to explode. Then they cooperated to strike Aaron's imprisoning force field powerfully from both sides, successfully cracking it. Soon, they were back on the rooftop, and resumed the battle. However, Aaron wrapped himself, Cadaos and Alaina inside a huge adamantium cocoon. Razet ordered his army to attack the cocoon, but it seemed unbreakable, until Cadaos himself blew it up from inside. That was, however, a stupid act and soon after Darkness imprisoned Cadaos in his own shadowy realm.

Post 46 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object

[46] - Razet fights Aaron.

Meanwhile, the rebel forces managed to push the tide all the way to Razet's tower, with captain Nargos leading the escaping minions of evil into the ruined black tower. Razet and Darkness also entered the ruins to make up a plan how to defeat the opposing army coming at them, and decided to fuse together into one body. They did so and left the tower only to be locked into another deadly fight with Aaron soon after. However, it soon ended as Razet successfully slashed Aaron with his poisonous blade which caused the elf to pass out, where after captain Nargos dragged the unconscious Aaron into Razet's tower, while Razet attacked Aaron's friend, Alaina. However, Aaron woke up from his unconsciousness, escaped the tower and went back to the battle with Razet. The Getaxian elf managed to stab Razet in the knees with his own poisonous blade, causing the overlord to fall to sleep. Darkness then banished Razet to the void rift...

Description in detailsEdit

Overlord Razet is a human with an ugly deformed body and inhuman face, which he covers in the shadow of a broad torn hood. He wears a black robe, with a white X on the chest that has a deep scar in the middle from Aaron's attack, and grey gloves. He also wears a belt with a scabbard holding his one-handed sword, with a black handle and a red sharp blade, that drips with a green paralyzing, weakening and fatiguing poison liquid. He speaks in a flat voice.

Razet is almost always in a bad mood, never truly joyful or happy, only rarely laughing when causing agony to others. He is evil to the core of his heart, only being loyal to his master, the King, and hates taking orders from anyone else. He is the dishonorable type to bear grudges, and is often blinded by the wish for revenge, taking rash decisions if angered. He is slightly afraid of inhuman creatures, like Cadaos or Darkness and from dying in general.

Razet is an adept alchemist and smart tactican. He is apparently immortal and thus unable to die completely, he can hardly feel pain, and his body is able to withstand even the deadly impact with the ruins of a tower as in [45] (However, this might have been because he was fused with Darkness at that time), until he understands the prospects of honor, joy and happiness, due to Aaron's curse. He is able to jump very high with such power that it causes an explosion when he hits. He is also able to use a spell, that makes his hands glow black, and greatly raises his strength.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Overlord Razet was introduced in [10].
  • Razet kept an antidote for the poison on his blade, somewhere in his tower, but never got to use it.

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