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Vital statistics
Title(s) Captain of Evil
Race Human
Affiliation Kingdom of Evil
Status Dead
Location Citadel of Evil
Other facts
Created by Arcisal
Featured in Avataria #2

Nargos was a human captain in service of the kingdom of Evil, who was revengefully killed by his ally, Galros.

Nargos was featured as one of Arcisal's Secondary Characters in Avataria #2.


Nargos was sent to the Wall of Horror as captain of a small squad of followers of Zaarnoth to fight back the rebel forces. On top of the wall, he met the newly arrived Arcisal, and made him join the kingdom of Evil's side in the war. He then entered the battlefield himself, but when he noticed there was no chance they would win, he ordered a tactical retreat, in order to regroup inside the Wastelands of Evil.

Later he shot down the dwarven aircraft containing Aaron, Alaina, Kargath and a few rebels, with an enchanted thrown spear. But with the rebels pushing hard he had to seek refuge in the ruins of Razet's tower, where he finally decided to escape on Galros' wyvern, but Galros hanged on, until Nargos pushed him off and let him fall to the ground.

But Galros returned, now merged with Arcisal and blessed by Zaarnoth, to the Citadel of Evil, and revengefully killed Nargos.

Description in detailsEdit

Nargos was a human wearing dark orange clothes, a metal visor on his helmet and steel gauntles. He also wore a small round bronze shield and a bright steel spear.

Nargos was a merciless killer and faithful believer in Zaarnoth, but not enough to let his faith lead him to his death. In the end he was an illoyal coward, when in danger. He spoke very loudly and found joy in killing enemies.

Nargos had the ability to sacrifice a part of his soul to enchant a weapon of choice with dark energy, which would then explode in a stream of black flames when hitting a target. He was a decent tactician.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Nargos was introduced in [16].

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