Leo Filonius
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Vital statistics
Race Human
Affiliation Rebel forces
Status Alive
Location Rebel Base Camp
Other facts
Created by sanofa
Featured in Avataria #2

Leo Filonius is a excellent swordsman from Z.E.O.N.. He and his best friend, Vayne, were teleported to Avataria and joined the rebel forces together. 

Leo is featured as one of sanofa's Secondary Characters in Avataria #2.  


To be continued...

Description in detailsEdit

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Leo has spiky red hair, and wears a special armor, which can change in shape and appearance. He also carries a large broadsword.

Leo is protective and caring, especially for Vayne.

Leo is an excellent swordsman, and strong enough to swing his heavy broadsword like an ordinary sword.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Leo is introduced in [78] along with Vayne.
  • Leo is inspired by Edge from the Aterlier Iris 3, a PS2 game.