Kazar Haraja
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Vital statistics
Title(s) The King
Race Hume-God
Affiliation Kingdom of Evil
Status Alive
Location Citadel of Evil
Other facts
Created by -Peper-
Featured in Avataria #2

Kazar Haraja (Normally known as the King) is the ruler of the Kingdom of Evil, Nasur Haraja's brother, Lilith's father, and apprentice of Zaarnoth. He was the heir to the Arachi people's throne, but was corrupted and founded the kingdom of Evil instead.

Kazar was featured as one of -Peper-'s secondary characters in Avataria #2.


Kazar Haraja was the eldest of two sons from the Arachi desert's Lord of the sands, thus also heir to his father's title. He trained hard in the Arena to become a fierce fighter, as all the lords before him, but one day he lost a match to a mysterious stranger. Furious of the humiliating defeat, Kazar decided to secretly pursue the stranger and demand a rematch. Kazar was beaten again, but strangely the stranger lectured him why he couldn't win, and offered to teach him his ways of fighting, and even to make Kazar the most powerful fighter mankind had ever seen. Kazar blindly accepted the offer, not knowing the stranger was in fact a human manifestation of Zaarnoth, the god of darkness and evil.

Kazar became an apprentice of Zaarnoth, who kept his promise of making Kazar the most powerful fighter, but instead stripped the man of his humanity. Kazar stayed away from the Arachi desert and founded the kingdom of Evil to fulfill his master's evil plans. He began summoning villains from all over the universe to his kingdom...

Description in detailsEdit

Kazar has a long white beard, and a muscular bodystructure. He wears a pitch-black armor, and a blade made of skulls and bones.

Kazar never shows an emotion on his face, because he seemingly doesn't have any emotions, except for a deep arrogance and confidence in his power. He is as evil as one could be, and only acts on behalf of his god and master, Zaarnoth. He is merciless, and wouldn't hesitate to destroy any of his minions that are not doing well enough, without remorse.

He is an extremely skilled fighter, probably the best on Avataria, as well as a very powerful magician. He is able to perish his minions into ash in a second, only with a slight hand movement.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Kazar was introduced in [44], but his real name wasn't revealed until [228].

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