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Vital statistics
Race Draconian
Affiliation Rebel forces
Status Alive
Location Arachi desert
Other facts
Created by clockwork2
Featured in Avataria #2

Kargath is a draconian warrior from Getax. He is the son of the mighty black dragon Cadaos and brother of Rex, but grew up away from them. He was teleported to Avataria by an unknown treacherous female, and joined the rebel forces, eventually being reunited with his father and brother.

Kargath is featured as one of clockwork2's secondary characters in Avataria #2.


Kargath's egg hatched without knowing his father, Cadaos, who was on a murderous rampage on Getax. Growing up, he became a flirting draconian, spending most of his time with women. However, one day, one of his treacherous girlfriends teleported him away from Getax to Avataria.

He landed at the rebel forces' camp just outside the Wall of Horror, and quickly entered the war against the kingdom of Evil. At the battlefield he befriended his new allies Am'ar and Regex, and when charging into the foul Wastelands of Evil he met the elves Aaron and Alaina. However, they were overwhelmed by the evil soldiers and forced to retreat into a dwarven aircraft.

But soon after flying off the ground, the enemy captain Nargos threw a magic spear at them. Several explosions occurred on the aircraft and it burst into flames, then crashed back down on the ground. He successfully cleaved his way through the hull with his battleaxe, and they all left the burning aircraft alive. Aaron flied off, with Alaina in his arms, while Kargath rejoined the rebel army, witnessing almost half the rebel army being wiped out as the enemies were summoning portals, but Aaron returned and the two successfully killed enough portal summoners to turn the tide...

Description in detailsEdit

Kargath is a brutish draconian with thick dark-blue scales and a muscular body, lacking wings. His face might seem grim, but nobody doubts his kindness. He wears a massive battle axe, crafted to him by the elves of Getax. He speaks very loudly, with an enthusiastic booming voice.

He is a good and friendly person, but might be flirting a little too much with every female he sees. He loves being in the middle of a battlefield in direct hand-to-hand combat. He is very confident in his battle skills and is almost fearless - only scared if his senses are weakened, like when he was blinded in the middle of Rave's thick smoke. Like his father, Cadaos, he always prioritize honor and pride very importantly. He can be relatively childish at times.

Kargath is a very skilled axe-fighter, but is not able to use any magic spells at all, except for being able to use mana as a source to improve his leap attacks.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Kargath was introduced in [21].
  • Kargath have a joke running with Am'ar, that when the orc dies, Kargath gets his sunglasses. He and Am'ar gets well along together on the battlefield, both as friends and as allies.

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