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Vital statistics
Title(s) The Savior
Race Human
Affiliation Rebel Forces
Status Alive
Location The Arena
Other facts
Created by clockwork2
Featured in Avataria #2

Kareena is a 11 year old human girl magician from an unknown planet. She was teleported to Avataria and joined the rebel forces, where she got a very good reputation after saving an entire rebel army from dying in the Arachi desert. She is the current owner of Excalibur, with Taera being her guide.

Kareena is featured as one of clockwork2's secondary characters in Avataria #2.


Kareena was exiled as a 6 year old, by her parents on her homeplanet, to live in the wilds and get life experiences herself. She learned how to hunt warthogs and other animals, and to use magic, and every year at her birthday her parents dropped off some birthday presents for her. In her eleventh birthday present she was given a circlet, some yarn to sew with and other supplies. However, later that day, she was captured by an unknown warrior of the kingdom of Evil, who tossed her into a portal that would eventually lead her to Avataria, where she fell face first into duke Talban, the leader of the rebel forces, who introduced her to the war with the kingdom of Evil. She joined his cause...

Description in detailsEdit

Kareena has big round blue eyes, and dimples on her cheeks when she smiles. She also wears a circlet on her curly brown hair and the Excalibur in her hand.

Despite her young age, Kareena is surprisingly independent and mature. She is a gullible nice girl that most likes to be around, except when she is treated badly and reveals a more irritated and swearing personality. She got surplus and is eager to help anyone she deems friendly, and takes care of herself most of the time, rarely being frightened.

Kareena is a skilled magician, able to predict and control the wind and sometimes the weather too, which she can protect herself from using a magical shield, that keeps her comfortably cold or warm. She knows how to cope in the wilds, being an experienced hunter, knowing how to skin animals and how to sew. Being the owner of Excalibur, she is also capable of using that weapon in many different ways.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Kareena was introduced in [47].

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