Kakuslor Icon
Icon in Avataria #1, by Amargaard.
Vital statistics
Title(s) Leader of the Dark Army 5th Branch
Race Demonic Hume-God
Affiliation Hell
Status Dead
Location Unknown
Other facts
Created by SoLmaster
Featured in Avataria #1
Post count 5

Kakuslor was a demonic Hume-God, and the leader of the Dark Army 5th Branch of Hell. He and his army fought the forces from Reyvmadir, just as they had left Dun Gruznok, but he was slain by general Ratava.

He was featured as one of SoLmaster's secondary characters in Avataria #1.


When a new Dark Lord of Hell was elected, Kakuslor became a Hume-God.

Kakuslor and the Dark Army 5th Branch ambushed the forces from Reyvmadir, just after they had left Dun Gruznok. He defeated Blood Arc and Silverstein, and killed Kallrog, but after an intense battle, Kakuslor was finally slain by Ratava.

Description in detailsEdit

Kakuslor was plain evil and enjoyed using his godlike powers, wreaking havoc on whoever he was fighting. As a Hume-God, Kakuslor was incredibly powerful, gifted with magic and an incredible physical strength. He was able to open portals to Hell and to make walls of fire.

Kakuslor looked like most other demons, with a muscular red skin, horns in his forehead and large wings on his back. However he was much taller than most other demons. He had pointy ears, glowing yellow eyes, and a completely bald head, except for the thick dark grey beard on his chin. He wore red armor pieces, and a large spiked iron mace.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • He was introduced in [49].
  • He knew Issranda and Blood Arc when he appeared for the first time, but they did not know him.
  • Kakuslor's post count is on 5, and he is thus the least used character from Avataria #1.

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