Jorn Talban
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Vital statistics
Title(s) Mayor of Talban Village, Leader of the Rebel forces, duke of Greatwood forest
Race Human
Affiliation Rebel forces
Status Alive
Location The Arena
Other facts
Created by Amargaard
Featured in Avataria #2

Jorn Talban is the mayor of Talban village and is a key role in the creation of the rebel forces, and later on he became it's supreme commander. He is also the former friend and mentor of Galros and duke of the Greatwood forest.

Jorn Talban is featured as one of Amargaard's secondary characters in Avataria #2.


Post 1 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object

[1] - Talban being saved by Am'ar Gaardos.

Jorn Talban grew up happily in Talban village in the Greatwood Forest, with a family of dukes. At one point his younger childhood friend, Galros became his student, and the two developed a close friendship. However, with the rise of the Kingdom of Evil, Talban's family got slaughtered, and his beloved student Galros was converted to a warrior of evil.

Talban was broken from the losses, but with a wish of restoring the peace that once was, he traveled from kingdom to kingdom to help start the rebellion against the Kingdom of Evil, but when he and the soldiers from Talban village marched towards the Wall of Horror to join the fight, they were attacked by a large monster. Luckily, they were saved by the world travelling orc Am'ar Gaardos, and he joined as they continued their journey.

When arriving, the Talbanians settled near the forest outside of the Wall of Horror, but they didn't got much time to build up their camp, as the forces of evil decided to surprise-attack the preparing rebels. The duke rushed into battle, with Am'ar and Regex, but was nearly overwhelmed by an evil warrior. This time it was Regex' turn to save the duke, and then the fighting continued and luckily ended in victory. Talban then spoke up of his idea to counter-attack the evil forces, and the rebels agreed, and charged into the Wastelands of Evil. However, Talban's body was soon possessed by Arcisal, and used for evil purposes, unknown to the other rebels. While hosting Arcisal, Talban's former student, Galros, arrived on a wyvern, now on the kingdom of Evil's side, and attempted killing the possessed duke, but he was saved by Regex once again. Arcisal made the rebels charge into the lands of evil, playing his role perfectly as the duke, but soon Talban was free again, as Arcisal switched host to Am'ar instead.

Later during the invasion into the Wastelands of Evil, a girl called Kareena accidently appeared from a portal above Talban and fell face first into the duke. He helped her up, and introduced himself to the young magician, then explained to her the current war with the kingdom of Evil...

Later on, he and a squad of the rebel soldiers marched towards the Arena, but due to the harsh journey through the Arachi desert, and a heavy sandstorm, and finally an attack from the Qua'thar, he got separated from his army, and collapsed in the desert. Someone unknown picked him up and brought him somewhere, away from the heat of the sun, and dangers of the desert. He has yet to discover who did it.

Description in detailsEdit

Jorn Talban is a human in his late forties, with a graying light-colored beard topped with scarce hairs, and graying long hair. He wears an armor mixed of light blue and golden colors, an agile sword, a round bronze shield and a helmet matching his armor. He also wears a pendant, with a raw uncut gem of deep sparkling dark purple, beneath his breastplate. However, he lost most of these items in the Arachi desert.

He normally is a polite and optimistic type, who loves to talk and converse, and is often the center of attention. He is astute, a good tactician, and a great initiator.

He has surprisingly nimble reflexes and strength for his age, but is not the greatest fighter.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Jorn Talban was introduced in [1].
  • Amargaard worked on a map project before the start of Avataria #2, with a hero called "Duke Talban".

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