Issranda Icon
Icon in Avataria #1, by Masken.
Vital statistics
Title(s) The Curer of Souls
Race Holy spirit
Affiliation Reyvmadir
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Other facts
Created by Masken
Featured in Avataria #1
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Issranda is a holy spirit bound to a human body in Avataria. She joined the forces from Reyvmadir and helped them fight the demons.

Issranda was featured as one of Masken's secondary characters in Avataria #1.


Issranda was bound to Avataria in a human body, losing some of the powers she had in her true form. In Avataria, she maintained her original duty, to aid souls in pain.

She pulled the half-demon general Ratava, who had commited suicide to get rid of his demon curse, up from a lake and revived him using magic and pixie dust. After that she taught him to control his demon-side, gave him a golden armor and then the two headed towards Dun Gruznok, and joined the forces from Reyvmadir in their battle against the demons. They soon defeated the attacking demons, and decided to journey back to Reyvmadir.

On their way back, they were assaulted several times by demon scout forces, and then finally the Dark Army 5th Branch, led by Kakuslor. They fought intensely, but following Issranda's strategy proved to be a wise decision, and Kakuslor soon fell by Ratava's blade.

It is unknown what happened to Issranda since then.

Description in detailsEdit

Issranda is a kind, caring and wise holy spirit, bound in the body of a young beautiful human lady, with long brown hair, and a long white dress, with two blue stripes lined directly vertically from the neck and down to the end of the dress. She is against usage of necromancy.

She is an adept sorceress at using holy magic. And she always carries around Pixie dust. She can feel the presence of nearby powerful beings.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Issranda was introduced in [35].
  • It was stated in [44] that Issranda knew Silverstein and Blood Arc from the past, but why and when is unknown. However, it must logically have taken place after the two became one, since she knew of their secret.
  • It was stated in [45] that Issranda had once been in Dun Gruznok, before it fell to a goblin attack, but why and when is unknown.
  • It was wrongly stated in [49] that Issranda was the "witch goddess of magic", but she is not a God, but a holy spirit.