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Vital statistics
Title(s) The Outer Path
Race Divine
Affiliation Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Other facts
Created by Ironside
Featured in Avataria #2

Inferuxion is a semi deva created by merging the powers of Infernity and Auxion. In his previous form he claimed that this power was needed to defeat Arkrion.

Inferuxion is featured as Ironside's Avatar Character in Avataria #2.


Inferuxion appears in Avataria after Infernity merges with the Sealed Orb of Auxion. Regex was trying to stop him, but he failed to do so. After the fusion is done, Inferuxion suddently begins to explain that Regex is more suited to defeat Arkrion, as he has the emotion to save Selia from the hands of the divine. Inferuxion then gives all of his own powers to Regex and vanishes, everyone around them forgets what had happened, except for Regex.

Description in detailsEdit


Inferuxion's model in Titan Land.

Inferuxion has not shown any ability except for the ability to transfer power like Auxion could. He also demonstrated a powerful attack, which defied the minds of all around him to forget his existance, except for Regex.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Inferuxion was introduced in [2].
  • Inferuxion is based on a character of the same name from Ironside's own map, Titan Land.

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