General Kallrog
General Kallrog Icon
Icon in Avataria #1, by Amargaard.
Vital statistics
Title(s) General of Reyvmadir
Race Undead Northlander (Human)
Affiliation Reyvmadir
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Other facts
Created by Masken
Featured in Avataria #1
Post count 36

General Kallrog is a northlander who moved to Reyvmadir, and became the city's military general. He and his army joined the war against the demons. He was killed by Kakuslor, but raised again as an undead by Blood Arc. His current status is unknown.

He was created as a Secondary Character in Avataria #1 by Masken.


General Kallrog is from the Northlands, a place where they worshipped the old Gods. He moved south, and forced himself to forget his past. He came to Reyvmadir, became the city's general, and witnessed his entire army killed in an experiment to create undead soldiers. They were successfully risen, but Kallrog and his undead soldiers were laid to rest again, inside the city's defensive towers, when the mayor of the city passed away.

But when Mayor Amargaard activated the magic powers of the Hat of Reyvmadir once again, the towers rose from the ground, and Kallrog and his men returned to serve Reyvmadir. Kallrog and Edward Blitz discussed the tactics of the upcoming war with the demons, and agreed what to travel east. They left the city and journeyed into a mountain valley, where they were attacked by a goblin army.

Soon Silverstein, general Ratava and his men from Aediwena arrived in the valley too, and the two generals got into a conflict, but when Kallrog explained the secrets of his past, their forces united and succesfully defeated the goblins.

However, demons soon spawned from the ground and marched towards the forces from Reyvmadir, but a wanderer called Silverstein revealed that he bore Blood Arc's "curse", and with the help of the dark god, he was able to pull up Dun Gruznok, an ancient dwarven fortress from deep below the ground's surface, that they could use as defensive stand. Then they successfully defeated several waves of demons, from the fortress.

Afterwards, they agreed to leave Dun Gruznok and journey back towards Reyvmadir, but they were soon ambushed by the Dark Army 5th Branch, and general Kallrog was easily knocked out by the Hume-God Kakuslor. Issranda treated Kallrog's headwound, but it was of no use and he soon died. However, Blood Arc raised him as an undead after the battle, and they continued their journey.

It is unknown what happened to General Kallrog since then.

Description in detailsEdit

General Kallrog is a strong and agile white-bearded, blue-eyed northlander, with an orange tattoo of a two-headed dragon on his forehead. He wears a large platemail armor, and his favourite weapon is his heavy two-bladed great axe.

He has a coldhearted, selfish and violent attitude, but is very loyal to Reyvmadir. He is proud of being a Northlander, and will never admit it if he gets scared or jealous. He has a a love-hate relation to his old Gods, which he forced himself to forget when he moved to Reyvmadir, but he is apparently "addicted" to serving them. They have granted him magical powers, taking parts of his soul in exchange. He is jealous on Silverstein for being "the chosen one" by Blood Arc.

He has the ability to control his undead forces through telepathy, and is able to see through their eyes. The gifts of his old gods includes the ability to easier move his axe swiftlier whenever he is in battle, and a magical sight, that allows him to see everything that happens around him, even from behind.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • General Kallrog was introduced in [8].
  • General Kallrog's post count is on 36, and he is thus the most used character from Avataria #1.