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Vital statistics
Race Human
Affiliation Kingdom of Evil
Status Alive
Location Citadel of Evil
Other facts
Created by Arcisal
Featured in Avataria #2

Galros is a human warrior of the kingdom of Evil, who is merged with Arcisal by Zaarnoth himself. He is the former student and friend of Jorn Talban.

Galros was featured as one of Arcisal's secondary characters in Avataria #2.


Galros grew up as a childhood friend of Jorn Talban, duke of the Greatwood Forest, and later became his student. The two developed a very strong friendship, until the rise of the kingdom of Evil. After barely making it out alive of a ravaged city, Galros was no longer the same. He joined the kingdom of Evil and secretly passed crucial information to the minions of Zaarnoth, which was the main cause of the kingdom's fast and powerful rise. Later, he officially joined the kingdom, and became a skilled wyvern rider.

But Talban gathered an army of rebel forces to stand against the evil presence on Avataria, and one day the two met again, fighting at the wall of Horror. However, unknown to Galros, Talban was under Arcisal's evil control. Galros made his wyvern grab Talban and fly high up in the air, only to drop him and see him fall towards the ground. Talban was saved by Regex, and Galros returned to Razet's tower with captain Nargos.


Description in detailsEdit

Galros has long ruly unkempt brown hair.

Ever since the unknown events in the ravaged city, Galros completely dropped his emotions and feelings for others, and instead got an unbreakable loyalty to the kingdom of Evil and Zaarnoth.

Galros is an experienced wyvern rider, but with Arcisal inside him and with Zaarnoth's blessing he is also inhumanly powerful, with yet unknown powers.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Galros was introduced in [23].
  • Galros wants Talban's neck-pendant for unknown reasons.

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