Edward Blitz
Edward Blitz Icon
Icon in Avataria #1, by Amargaard.
Vital statistics
Title(s) Leading council member
Race Human
Affiliation Reyvmadir
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Other facts
Created by Masken
Featured in Avataria #1
Post count 29

Edward Blitz was the leading council member of Aediwena, who led the people to Reyvmadir with Mayor Amargaard, and joined the war against demons. He is loved and protected by the Rock-men. His current status is unknown.

He was created by Masken as an Avatar Character in Avataria #1.


Edward Blitz was the leading council member of Aediwena, and after having a meeting with Mayor Amargaard and General Ratava, the council decided to evacuate their village, in fear of being victims of a demon raid. With the general staying heroically behind, the mayor and Edward set off with the people and eventually reached the capital city Reyvmadir.

Arriving in Reyvmadir, was not as pleasing as one would think. Their hopes of salvation, dwindled drastically when they noticed how the hyped city was nothing but a small poor town. And it only got worse, as a demon horde soon attacked the city from all sides.

However, Amargaard found the powerful artifact known as the Hat of Reyvmadir in the town hall's basement, and placed it on his head. That triggered a magical evolution to the city itself. Towers and walls rose from the ground, as well as a mighty army under the leadership of General Kallrog. Amargaard, however, payed the unknown price of using the magical powers - he was banished to the void.

Edward, saddened, placed the hat back in the basement, and decided to hide the tragic truth. He then followed, as General Kallrog headed for battle with the demons, and got into a mountain valley, where they were attacked by a goblin army. Soon Brost and his rock-men entered the battle, and Edward developed a strong friendship with the ancient being, finding out his own ancestor was involved in their creation.

General Ratava returned, alive, with all of his men, but Edward found out that they had all become half-demons. And soon after, he found out Kallrog bore a secret as well - his men were all undeads, but they all still fought for the same purpose and carried on. Eventually, the goblin army was defeated, but the peace did not last long. A demon army, led by Kakuslor, arrived from volcanoes around them and attacked. Luckily the Reyvmadir-forces had Blood Arc on their side - the godly being pulled up Dun Gruznok, an ancient dwarven fortress from deep below the ground's surface, which they could use as a defensive stand against the demons.

However, it was decided that Edward, Brost and a few Rock-men should leave the fortress together, and head east in order to get help from the minor human kingdoms there.

It is unknown what happened to Edward Blitz since then.

Description in detailsEdit

Edward Blitz was known to be a very kind and respected man, with a great calming smile. A man of the people and very cherished for it. He wore simple clothes for he would not spend a single noic on himself, because it was the peoples' money.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Edward Blitz was based on Masken's avatar, which is a picture of Angus MacGyver.
  • Edward Blitz was introduced in [2].