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Vital statistics
Race Unknown
Affiliation Kingdom of Evil
Status Deceased
Location Hillcrose Top
Other facts
Created by -Peper-
Featured in Avataria #2

Darkness was a loyal henchman of the kingdom of Evil, made of shadows and dark energy. He was killed in Razet's ruined laboratory by Asorath, just after passing his powers to the human.

Darkness was featured as one of -Peper-'s Secondary Characters in Avataria #2.


Long ago, Darkness was a normal man, but his skin was torn off, and he was cursed to forever live in shadows, feeding on rage and hatred. It's unknown how long he had worked loyally for the kingdom of Evil, when he met the black dragon Cadaos on top of Razet's tower. Darkness fed on Cadaos' everlasting fury and continued towards the battlefield, to satisfy his hunger of negative feelings.

Post 42 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object

[42] - Darkness warns Razet.

When Razet fell off the tower's top, trapped in one of Aaron's force fields, Darkness helped him get out, then they both jumped back to the tower, exploding half of the upper part in the progress. They attacked Aaron, but he had summoned powerful spears of holy light, which he threw at Darkness, impaling the shadowy body to a wall. However, after absorbing masses of hate and negative feelings, Darkness managed to break the spears and grow as large as the tower itself. His large shadowy body then attempted swallow Cadaos, but Aaron had wrapped them safely inside an adamantium cocoon, and when Darkness tried breaking it, Aaron formed another cocoon, of acid with holy light barriers, to imprison Darkness. However, when Cadaos foolishly exploded Aaron's cocoon from inside, the dragon's anger gave enough powers for Razet to break out of his own cocoon, and teleport Cadaos into his personal dimension.
Post 46 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object

[46] - Aaron fights Razet, who have fused with Darkness.

After that, they moved into the ruined tower, which was soon besieged by the rebel forces. In the tower he summoned back Cadaos for a short while only to send him back into his shadowy realm, to enhance the dragon's treatment. He then fused with Razet to become a stronger being, then left the tower and was locked into another battle with Aaron, which they surprisingly won, as Aaron fainted from Razet's poison and was then dragged into Razet's tower by captain Nargos, while Razet and Darkness fought on, this time aiming for Alaina. However, Aaron awoke and came to her rescue. He successfully stroke down Razet, making the overlord faint from his own poison. Darkness then banished Razet into his personal shadowy realm.

Post 50 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object

[50] - The fusion of Cadaos and Darkness on top of Razet's ruined tower.

Darkness fused with an Elite Guard of Evil and continued the fight with Aaron, but Aaron threw another spear of holy light, forcing Darkness out of the Elite Guard's body and impaled him to a wall. In his fury, Darkness raised his hands and cast a spell that made the entire battlefield pitch-black, to ensure Aaron would use no more light-based spells. Then he attacked the elf from every direction, but Aaron managed to parry all the attacks. However, Darkness felt a surge of power coming from his personal realm, the void rift, and knew it was time to summon back Cadaos who was now fully cured from the poison and fueled with bloodthirsty rage. He fused with the returned black dragon, and flew to the top of the broken tower, knowing Aaron pursued them on his magic wings. The recently cast shadow-spell greatly increased Darkness' and Cadaos' powers, doubling up the terrifying shadow dragon's size, as well as strengthened the control Darkness had over Cadaos' powers. When Aaron arrived, Darkness cast a spell that immobilized Aaron...

One day, Darkness was killed by Asorath...

Description in detailsEdit

Darkness' featureless skin was pitch-black, and consisted only of living shadows, except for the rarely shown glowing yellow eyes and mouth. His body takes whatever form he wants to, but he also got a unique shape that he prefers to stay in.

Darkness' soul and heart were as dark as shadows, and he lived only to serve evil unquestioned. He is demanding and deceitful.

Darkness' shadowy body was able to take any form, immune to all normal attacks. Only spells and weapons infused with holy energy could weaken him, which is also what killed him, when he was stabbed through his heart by a holy blade. However, he could also fuse with a living body, which would strengthen both of them greatly, and almost remove Darkness' weakness of holy energy entirely. He was also able to cast spell that would engulf a big radius around him in a bitch-black shadows, in which he would be able to move and teleport freely, as well as put life into the shadows and command them in any way he wanted to. Additionally he could immobilize enemies, with a spell that surrounds the targets by flames of deep sickly purple. He replenished his powers by channeling negative emotions from all beings nearby in invisible fiery lines of magic energy, feeding on them to strengthen himself. Apparently he had a personal "dimension", known as the void rift, that only he had access to, but was able to teleport others into it (and back from it), if he touched them and let living shadows engulf their entire bodies.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Darkness was introduced in [22], but not named until [30].
  • [40] included the line "Cadaos tried to move but sent into another dimension by Darkness, again.", which implies that Darkness have sent Cadaos into another dimension once before. Darkness might be the powerful mage who banished Cadaos from Getax, but it is most likely simply referring to the fact that Darkness sent Cadaos into his own dimension in [35], but that was completely ignored in clockwork2's following post, [37], and thus never accepted into the storyline.

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