Am'ar Gaardos Icon

Am'ar Gaardos' icon. An icon from Avataria #2.

Character icons (Also simply called Icons) are small unique images, made specifically for the different characters of the Avataria-series, for Amargaard to add to the first post in the roleplay. The icons must only feature the character's head and upper torso. Everyone are allowed to make icons, but most of the icons are made by Amargaard.

In Avataria #1 the icons had to be 64x64, the same size as Warcraft III Icons. In Avataria #2 the icons had to be 150x150.

Characters with iconsEdit

General Ratava Icon

General Ratava's icon. An icon from Avataria #1.

Avataria #1:Edit

Avataria #2:Edit

A WIP icon for Regex has been shown.

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