Chapter X is the tenth chapter of Avataria #2, starting at [45] and ends at [49]. It consists of five posts, three by clockwork2 and two by -Peper-.  

Chapter SummaryEdit

Aaron enters a deadly fight with Overlord Razet, who had fused with Darkness, but his crystallic blade gets stuck in Razet's chest, and Razet uses the confusion to his advantage, slashing Aaron with his poisonous blade, causing the elf to faint. Aaron's uncounscious body is then dragged into Razet's tower by captain Nargos, but in his sleep he is contacted by an unknown figure telling him to wake up, as Avataria needed his aid. Aaron successfully wakes up, escapes Nargos and the tower, flying back to the battle with Razet and Darkness. He manages to seperate Darkness from Razet with a javelin of light, then revengefully cut Razet with his own poisonous blade, putting the angry Overlord to sleep.

Meanwhile on a world far from Avataria, a young girl magician called Kareena is kidnapped by a barbarian and is tossed into a portal, ending up in Avataria, where she meets duke Talban and joins the rebels.

The King recieves word that his forces at the battlefront are losing, and orders more units to enter the battle, thinking of joining himself, but stays.

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