Chapter VI is the sixth chapter of Avataria #2, starting at [25] and ends at [29]. It consists of five posts, two by clockwork2, one by Amargaard, one by Ironside and one by Arcisal.

Chapter SummaryEdit

At the continuing war of the Wall of Horror, Kargath befriended Am'ar as allies in combat as well as personal friends. The rebel forces, led by the possessed duke Talban, pushed the tide heavily, and the evil captain Nargos ordered a tactical retreat for the evil army. Arcisal ordered his soldiers to continue their charge into the Wastelands of Evil. Kargath was the first to storm through the enemy troops, until he suddenly met Aaron, Alaina and the dwarven rebels. While Kargath and Aaron argued, Alaina was struck down by a black knight. Luckily, Aaron's newly gained seed of power, gave him enough powers to kill the knight with ease, and fully heal Alaina. However, despite his new powers they were about to be overwhelmed by Zaarnoth's minions and forced back into the dwarven aircraft. Arcisal searched through Talban's memory about his dramatic past, whereafter he decided to let Am'ar be his new host.

Meanwhile Galros landed his wyvern mount on top of Overlord Razet's black tower, and started searching the tower for the overlord. Auxion also continued his desperate search for hosts.

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