Chapter VII is the seventh chapter of Avataria #2, starting at [30] and ends at [34]. It consists of five posts, two by clockwork2, one by -Peper-, one by Ironside, and one by Amargaard.

Chapter SummaryEdit

The dwarven aircraft flied off the ground, but was soon shot down by captain Nargos' magically enchanted spear. It crashed fatally back on the ground, but Kargath managed to cut through the wreck's hull with his massive battleaxe, and got Aaron and Alaina out alive. 

Meanwhile, on the top of Razet's tower, Overlord Razet stabs Cadaos in the right foreleg with a poisoned blade, successfully paralyzing the black dragon. However, Aaron noticed this and, trying to keep his promise to the dragon, used the seed of power to spawn large magic wings, carrying him to the tower's top. He stabbed Razet through the heart, cursed him to live forever and finally imprisoned him in a round force field, rolling off the high tower's edge. But Darkness helped Razet get out of the force field, so they both could return to the battle on the top of the tower.

At the same time, Regex installs project Omega in his cyborg body and readies himself for fighting in "melee mode".

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