Chapter VII is the seventh chapter of Avataria #2, starting at [30] and ends at [34]. It consists of five posts, two by clockwork2, one by -Peper-, one by Ironside and one by Amargaard.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Regex runs out of weapons, and coup de Burst to his laptop, where he starts installing a "melee mode"-upgrade for his cyborg body.

Kargath, Alaina and Aaron attempts to escape flying away in the dwarven aircraft, but it crashed back into the ground, due to captain Nargos throwing a magical spear at the aircraft. They all, except for several dwarves, got safely away from the crash. Meanwhile Cadaos returns to the top of Razet's tower, and starts absorbing souls. He meets the evil henchman Darkness, but the shadowy being leaves again shortly after. In his place, arrives Razet with an evil plan of revenge. He stabs a poisonous blade into the right foreleg of the black dragon, and successfully paralyzes Cadaos. However, Aaron noticed this and, using the seed of power, he flied to the tower's roof, whereafter he stabbed Razet through the heart, cursing him to live forever and then trapping him in a forcefield.

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