Chapter IX is the ninth chapter of Avataria #2, starting at [40] and ends at [44]. It consists of five posts, three by -Peper- and two by clockwork2.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Overlord Razet and his army tried to destroy Aaron's cocoon, but to no use. However, Cadaos, blinded by the wish for revenge, blew it up from inside, throwing Aaron, Alaina and Razet's army to the air. That also gave enough hate for Darkness to absorb, to break free of his own cocoon, and finally imprison Cadaos in his realm of darkness. Aaron flied to catch Alaina, and brought her back to safety with the rebel army.  Aaron then helps Kargath destroying enemy portals, until he discovered Am'ar being mind-controlled by a virus, and trapped it in his device. Am'ar, Aaron, Alaina and Kargath then entered the battlefield together.

The forces of evil, including Galros and Nargos, regroups in the ruins of Razet's tower

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