Chapter IV is the fourth chapter of Avataria #2, starting at [15] and ends at [19]. It consists of five posts, two by -Peper-, one by Arcisal, one by Ironside and one by Amargaard.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Razet leaves Cadaos alone on the top of his tower, and walks down the stairs all the way to his secret laboratory in the tower's basement. Angered deeply by Cadaos rude behavior, he starts concocting a deadly poison, that he can use to take revenge on the dragon, while Cadaos himself leaves the tower heading for the Wall of Horror, in order to join the war against the rebel forces.

At the same time, an evil being known as Arcisal arrives in Avataria and lands on the Wall of Horror, where he meets Nargos, who introduces him to the battlefield and asks him to join the kingdom of Evil, in the name of their evil God, Zaarnoth. He accepts, and enter the body of an evil ogre, and commands it to go on a wild berserk on the rebels. However Am'ar defeats it, but that didn't stop Arcisal, as he simply moved to duke Talban's body instead.

Meanwhile, another evil being called Auxion also arrives, somewhere on the planet, awaiting the right time to strike.

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