Chapter 5 is the fifth chapter of Avataria #2, starting at [20] and ends at [24]. It consists of five posts, two by Ironside, one by clockwork2, one by -Peper- and one by Arcisal.

Chapter SummaryEdit

The war at the Wall of Horror continued. A draconian called Kargath was teleported into the action and joined the rebel forces. Arcisal, now in Talban's body, tricked Am'ar into believing nothing had happened, but soon Talban's former student and friend Galros, who had betrayed his master and joined the kingdom of Evil, arrived riding on a wyvern creature. Galros made his wyvern lift Talban high up in the air, and then drop him. However, Regex' device saved the duke from being crushed on the ground.

On the other side of the wall, Aaron, Alaina and their allies from the dwarven aircraft finally succeeds breaking down the force field, only to stand face to face with Cadaos. Aaron and Cadaos was about to fight, when Aaron reminded the dragon of it's sad past on Getax. Cadaos spared Aaron's life, gave him a seed of power and left the battlefield.

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