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Vital statistics
Title(s) The Darkness Dragon
Race Dragon
Affiliation Rebel Forces
Status Alive
Location The Arena
Other facts
Created by -Peper-
Featured in Avataria #2

Cadaos is a large black dragon from planet Getax. He was teleported to Avataria by the King to join the Kingdom of Evil. He wreaked havoc upon the rebel armies, until they successfully killed him. However, he was brought back to life, being merged with his own son Rex, and then the two switched side to the rebels.

Cadaos is featured as -Peper-'s Avatar Character in Avataria #2.


Cadaos was once a noble and proud defender of an elven village on Getax, together with his blue dragon wife. However, a powerhungry mage performed a ritual, and successfully stole the dragons and their four dragon eggs, but the mage couldn't handle Cadaos' immense powers and was forced to return it, killing the wife and the unhatched children in the process. This resulted in Cadaos' sanity slipping away, he was driven to madness and gained a hatred to all things and everybody. He decided to go on a murderous rampage and conquer Getax, and he almost did, until another powerful mage banished him from the planet, and sent him on an endless journey between portals, until the King noticed him, and summoned him to Avataria as one of many villains, to join his kingdom of Evil. Due to the Rule of Avataria Cadaos forgot most of his past, only remembering his furious anger. He arrived on the top of Razet's tower, and Razet introduced him to the kingdom, but Cadaos rudely rejected him and flied off towards the Wall of Horror and the opposing rebel forces.

Cadaos turned his attention to an enemy dwarven aircraft, containing Aaron and Alaina, which had just destroyed a forcefield. The elf coincidentally also originated from Getax, and knew of Cadaos' past. They were about to enter in a duel, but Aaron spoke of Cadaos' sad past and refused to attack him. Cadaos now remembered everything clearly, and thankfully he decided to give Aaron a seed of his power, promising to have an honorary duel to the death some day in the future. He then left the battlefield, and returned to Razet's tower.

Post 42 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object

[42] - Darkness resummons Cadaos.

From the tower's flat roof he started absorbing souls, to replenish his powers, but soon discovered Darkness, a henchman of evil, feeding on his endless anger and fury. After introducing himself, Darkness jumped off the tower, and soon after Razet arrived instead, with a deadly surprise. The overlord stabbed Cadaos in the right foreleg, with a blade infused with a special poison. The paralyzing effect soon spread to Cadaos' entire body, draining his powers. Razet sat by his side, waiting patiently to later kill the dragon, but his plan failed, as Aaron came flying to the tower's top, wanting to keep his promise to the dragon. The seed of power had sprouted within Aaron, and with his new powers, he easily impaled Razet's heart, cursing the overlord to live forever, then trapping him in a strong force field. Afterwards, Aaron attempted clearing out the poison in Cadaos' veins, but the poison was too strong, and Aaron had no time to tend to Cadaos, as Razet and Darkness returned to the tower's top together. Luckily, he was able to safely wrap himself, Cadaos and Alaina in a huge adamantium cocoon instead. However, Cadaos was desperate to get out and get revenge upon Razet so he stupidly blew up the cocoon from inside, but was soon sent to another dimension by Darkness.

Post 50 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object

[50] - Darkness and Cadaos fused together on top of Razet's ruined tower.

He was briefly returned to Avataria, only to be sent back to the darkness soon after, and stayed there for quite some time. In the void rift, the shadows tended to his wounds, cleared out the poison in his veins, but also refueled him with his former blind rage. When he had fully recovered, Darkness summoned him back to Avataria, and soon after fused with the furious dragon. They flew to the top of Razet's ruined tower, and absorbed even more rage and energy, doubling the size of the shadowy dragon, preparing for a fight with the couragous Aaron who had followed them on his magic wings...

Description in detailsEdit

Cadaos is a huge black dragon, with molten features between his thick scales. His terrifying body emits a magical glow, and from his head, several dark horns stick out and his large metallic jaw is also quite noteworthy. When in his furious state, his eyes show and mouth glows with fiery rage.

Cadaos' personality have changed numerous times, due to the switching allegiance, but no matter whose side he is on, he always prioritize honor and pride very importantly. He often acts rather impulsively. His depression of losing his wife and children made him hate everybody around him and moved him into an unstoppable rage, until he was reunited with Rex and Kargath, but a deep hatred, towards those who have caused him pain, remains. Strangely, he is also afraid of ice.

Cadaos harvest souls from the corpses of dead enemies, in order to replenish his own magic energies. As most other dragons, he is able to fly and breathe fire, but if he charge up for a while, he can shoot fiery and explosive orange light bolts slightly more powerful than his normal fiery breath. But he is also able to do many other magic tricks.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Cadaos was introduced in [10].
  • Cadaos is based on -Peper-'s former avatar picture, which was one of Deathwing from the Warcraft universe.
  • From planet Getax, the stars can sometime be seen forming a picture of Cadaos flying through portals.
  • Cadaos has been misspelled as "Dacaos" numerous times.
  • [40] included the line "Cadaos tried to move but sent into another dimension by Darkness, again.", which implies that Darkness have sent Cadaos into another dimension once before. Darkness might be the powerful mage who banished Cadaos from Getax, but it is most likely simply referring to the fact that Darkness sent Cadaos into his own dimension in [35], but that was completely ignored in clockwork2's following post, [37], and thus never accepted into the storyline.

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