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Icon in Avataria #1, by Amargaard.
Vital statistics
Race Rock-man
Affiliation Reyvmadir
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Other facts
Created by Amargaard
Featured in Avataria #1
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Brost is the leader of the Rock-men, who joined the Reyvmadir forces, in order to get revenge on the goblins. His current status is unknown.

He was created as a Secondary Character in Avataria #1 by Amargaard.


Brost and the Rock-men were created long time ago, by Edward Blitz' ancestor and an unnamed dwarf in Dun Gruznok, but their creators died in a goblin attack. And for many years, the rock-men wandered the mountains, only seeking survival.

One day, Edward and the forces from Reyvmadir arrived, and they united in order to get past the goblins. After a long battle, they successfully defeated the goblins, but soon after demons spawned from the ground. Blood Arc pulled up the same ancient dwarven fortress that Brost and the Rock-men had been created in, from deep below the ground's surface, and they used it as their defensive stand, against the attacking demons.

But in the middle of the war, it was decided that Brost, Edward and a few Rock-men should journey east to gather the human nations there.

It is unknown what happened to Brost since then.

Description in detailsEdit

Brost's entire body is made of light grey rocks, with a dark grey iron beard. His eyes and the marks on his large stone arms glow light blue. He is larger than average Rock-men, but is having trouble moving his head.

Like most other Rock-men, he thinks and reacts slowly, but is nevertheless a powerful and strong fighter. He has a bad grammar, but is wise and intelligent for a Rock-man. He, like any other Rock-man, loves Edward and tries his best protecting him.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Brost was introduced in [31].