Blood Arc
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Title(s) The Dark God
Race God
Affiliation Unknown
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Created by SoLmaster
Featured in Avataria #1
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Blood Arc is an Avatarian God worshipped by Northlanders. Silverstein's body became Blood Arc's host ten years before the events of Avataria #1. His current status is unknown.

He was featured as a Secondary Character in Avataria #1, made by SoLmaster.


Blood Arc chose Silverstein as his mortal host, just after the latter died in war. However, with lack of fel energy, the God was forced to remain silent, while Silverstein wandered around Avataria for ten years, until he stumbled into a feud between the forces from Reyvmadir and an army of savage goblins. He joined up with the humans, and fought bravely against the goblins, but eventually got too wounded to continue.

One of general Ratava's soldiers, who was suffering from the demon-virus, channeled fel energy into Silverstein's body, in an attempt to spread the virus. But instead, the fel energy unleashed Blood Arc, who killed the foolish soldier. General Kallrog and the others from Reyvmadir rushed to the scene surprised to see Silverstein's new form, but Blood Arc calmy explained to them the truth, and gave back control to his human companion.

His new allies decided to keep Silverstein in their army, even though he bore the curse of the Dark God, and that would soon appear to be a smart decision for them, when a demon army attacked. Blood Arc pulled up Dun Gruznok, an ancient dwarven fortress from deep below the ground's surface, which they used to make a defensive stand against the demons. They won the fight and left Dun Gruznok, only to be ambushed by the Hume-God Kakuslor and the Dark Army 5th Branch on their way back towards Reyvmadir.

Blood Arc was defeated by Kakuslor, and had to give back control to Silverstein, but Kakuslor seemed to be unstoppable and he soon killed general Kallrog. However, when general Ratava and his soldiers used their demon powers, they managed to slay the Hume-God. After the fight Blood Arc raised general Kallrog with necromancy, and they continued their journey back towards Reyvmadir.

It is unknown what happened to Blood Arc since then.

Description in detailsEdit

Blood Arc sketch

A sketch of Blood Arc, by Amargaard.

Blood Arc is trapped in Silverstein's body, and is normally almost completely hidden by the mortal host. The only sign of the Dark God on Silverstein's body, is the inhuman red-brown trunk mouth with large pumping veins, but that is completely hidden as well, by a black scarf. However, when Blood Arc is unleashed, Silverstein's whole body increases greatly in size, especially his muscles thus some of his clothes gets shredded. The trunk grows longer, his eyes turn into a pair of evil black eyes, scarred leathery wings like those of a bat sprout from his back, his fingers become long monstrous claws and most of his body gets covered with thick dark gray hairs. He wears ancient golden bracelets on his wrists.

Blood Arc is a God and thus a very powerful being, with immense strength and great sorcerry. All of his senses are better than those of humans. All enemies of Blood Arc, are weakened in his pressence. When Silverstein is in control, Blood Arc is still able to speak, both privately with his voice only being heard by targeted persons, and normally as well, and is also able to use his senses. Among other things, he was capable of raising an ancient dwarven fortress, from deep below the ground's surface, to ground level. He is also able to fly far up in the air, and to let lose a powerful wave of dark grey magic energy. In 52 it was proved that he knows of necromancy as well as being able to heal himself.

Blood Arc's intentions are unclear, due to the fact that he helps the forces from Reyvmadir, but is normally known as a feared and evil God. In [38] it was hinted that he actually fears and obeys Silverstein, but in 54 his thoughts about getting rid of Silverstein were revealed. He dislikes the demons from Hell.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Blood Arc was introduced in [33].
  • Blood Arc is the only character from Avataria #1, who never got an icon.
  • It was stated in [44] that Silverstein and Blood Arc knew Issranda from the past, but why and when is unknown. However, it must logically have taken place after the two became one, since she knew of their secret.