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Welcome to the Avataria wiki. We’re a collaborative community website about the Avataria roleplay-series that anyone, who've either been or currently is a member of the roleplay, including all of it's generations, can edit. Click the edit button at the top of any page to get started!

The Avataria roleplays are a series of unique Freeform Storytelling Roleplays, being played on the Hive Workshop, run by Amargaard. They are roleplays where all players are equal - no gamemasters/dungeonmasters and favored players. Features like stats does not exist in these roleplays, and generally they are focusing more on telling a story, than the usual roleplaying.

Currently, there have only been two roleplays in the series, Avataria #1, started in early 2010, and the still running Avataria #2, started in 2012. The sequel, Avataria #3 has been announced to currently be in plannnig phase, and will begin when Avataria #2 ends.

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