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Vital statistics
Title(s) The Forbidden One
Race Unknown
Affiliation Himself
Status Dead
Location Unnamed Dimension
Other facts
Created by Ironside
Featured in Avataria #2

Auxion was the divine creature who created the septim race. He arrived in Avataria to bring terror, but was killed by Selia and Dracor.

Auxion was featured as one of Ironside's Secondary Characters in Avataria #2.


Auxion first landed on Avataria in his orb form. He waited for the right beings to die to use them as his 6 hosts of the Waygates. After some time he got his first body, a weak human, that he used balance to strengthen greatly. Looking for the second host, he soon found and attacked Regex the cyborg, who managed to put up an even fight...

He wanted to obtain Regex' body, but was stopped by Selia which came to the planet to stop him from causing chaos. In the final battle he fights Selia with all 6 bodies, each with their waygate ability. After being defeated he united Aris, which was one of the bodies with all 6 of them, giving him the power to awaken the final form of Auxion. After trading a few attacks Selia is aided by the newly approaching Dracor which helps her to defeat Auxion. Finally he teleports them into another dimension where he faces his defeat and soon after his death.

Description in detailsEdit

Auxion in Titan Land

Auxion's model in Titan Land.

Auxion has many different forms, each looking completely different.

Auxion is an arrogant evil mastermind, with a clear ignorance towards lesser beings.

Auxion controls all elements including Light and Darkness combined, which is considered as a very rare ability. In addition he controls a unique power called the Waygates, which control the physics of the very land around him. The waygates in order are as follows: space, time, life, death, balance and inverse. In his orb form he is able to observe places far from himself, and the power to use several dead creatures as hosts, 6 at most, giving them some of his own powers.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Auxion was introduced in [17].
  • Auxion the Forbidden One is based on a character of the same name from Ironside's own map, Titan Land.