Am'ar Gaardos
Am'ar Gaardos Icon
Icon in Avataria #2, by Amargaard.
Vital statistics
Title(s) World Traveller, Rebel Commander
Race Orc
Affiliation Rebel forces
Status Alive
Location Rebel Base Camp
Other facts
Created by Amargaard
Featured in Avataria #2

Am'ar Gaardos was a world travelling Orc, who ended up in Avataria with a heavy amnesia. He soon met Jorn Talban, who introduced him to the current world war, with the Kingdom of Evil. He joined Talban's rebel army and later became Rebel Commander.

Am'ar Gaardos is featured as Amargaard's Avatar Character in Avataria #2.


Post 1 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object

[1] - Am'ar saving duke Talban.

Most of Am'ar's past is unknown and only little of it have been revealed yet. It is known that he was a world traveller and that he visited Getax with a draconian companion, where he bought his powerful weapon, the GC3, from Mr. Tekan.

He arrived in Avataria by portal, in an attempt to escape something unknown, and soon after saved Jorn Talban from a monster, whereafter he joined the rebels in their journey towards the Wall of Horror. At the wall, he met the cyborg Regex and the draconian Kargath, which he fought side by side with. However, an evil virus being named Arcisal, possessed Am'ar and controlled him during the rebels charging into the Wastelands of Evil, until the elven rebel Aaron captured the virus. Am'ar, Aaron, Kargath and Alaina then charged into the battlefield together...

They finally got possession of the gate and built the Rebel Base Camp, whereafter they attacked key positions of the Kingdom of Evil like Razet's tower and the Arena several times.

One day, Am'ar got the title as Rebel Commander, and the task to look out for the Rebel Base Camp, while the rest of the army went with either the duke or with Commander Asorath.

Description in detailsEdit

Am'ar Gaardos V6

Am'ar Gaardos Concept Art Version 6, by Amargaard.

Am'ar is a strong and agile Orc, with quick reflexes. He has a light green skin, a muscular body structure and two big teeth pointing down from his upper lip. He is bald, except for the stubble on his chin. He has a large characteristic nose and always wear a pair of sunglasses. He also wears a ragged teal vest, revealing a scar on his hairy chest with one shoulder pad attached to it by a leather-belt, around the stomach. He has a round belt with two letters saying "DP", a wrench in his pocket and heavy boots. His voice is dark and manly, average for an Orc.

Am'ar is a calm and serious Orc, relying mostly on few short messages if possible. A man of action, who loves to engage in combat, which is typical for his kind. He is loyal and caring to his friends. For an Orc, he is very intelligent, but his obsession of getting to know his lost past and irritation of being disrespected often becomes a problem for him.

In combat, Am'ar relies mostly on his skills using his staff of alienated wood, which can become a scythe. A magical crystal on the top of his staff can be used to Time Stop enemies, but knowledge how to do so was lost during his world traveling. Sometimes, when the battle gets too intense, he will use his powerful GC3 gun instead, which can shoot powerful magical beams, but only in worst case, as it has to recharge, which takes a long time.

Trivia and notesEdit

HHH - Christmas Eve - Final Entry

Am'ar's appearance in a Christmas-themed roleplay on the Hive Workshop.

  • Am'ar was introduced in [1].
  • Am'ar Gaardos is obviously based on Amargaard's own username.
  • He had been used in two other roleplays, before Avataria #2 - The Daily Peon (Known by the name Peon Amargaard) and The Arena. During those roleplays the character evolved from a peon reporter to what he is today. However, the lore of the other roleplays are not counted as official Avataria-lore.
    • Amargaard also used Am'ar as a character representing himself in the "Hive's Heroic Holidays"-social group on the Hive Workshop, and included him in several related drawing and terraining contests.
  • Leo and many of the rebel soldiers acted racistic towards Am'ar, because he is an Orc. Yet, he is the only Orc seen in the entire series.
  • Am'ar and Kargath have a joke running, that when Am'ar dies, Kargath gets his sunglasses. He and Am'ar gets well along together on the battlefield, both as friends and as allies.
  • In [29] when Arcisal entered Am'ar's body, it was described as a familiar eerie feeling to him, hinting that he might have experienced a similar possession before his arrival to Avataria.

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