Alaina Tekan
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Vital statistics
Race Elf
Affiliation Rebel forces
Status Alive
Location Rebel Base Camp
Other facts
Created by clockwork2
Featured in Avataria #2

Alaina Tekan is a female elf from Getax. During a war on Getax, she and her friend Aaron Talwar were teleported to Avataria, and soon joined the rebel forces.

Alaina Tekan is featured as one of clockwork2's secondary characters in Avataria #2.


Alaina was born and raised by her engineer father Mr. Tekan in a poor slum-district of Getax, but one night during her childhood the Orc Am'ar came by her house and violently ordered her father to craft him a powerful weapon. Mr. Tekan successfully invented the GC3, and was paid in expensive magic crystals.

Mr. Tekan used the money from the crystals to move out of the slums, and secure a better life for himself and his daughter. They moved to Altanus, where she befriended Aaron Talwar, and grew up with him. Once their adulthood begun, they entered the army together. She was educated into a fencing instructor.

One day, Altanus became a dangerous war-zone, and the two friends in the army had to protect the village's citizens, but by accident they entered a portal which teleported them to Avataria. They ended up in a mobile dwarven war-base, travelling on sea heading for the Wall of Horror, where they were supposed to join a large group of rebel forces, in their fight against the Kingdom of Evil.

Soon the dwarven war-base took flight, and passed the wall, in order to strike from inside the Wasteland of Evil, and they successfully killed a lot of the evil minions, but they were soon trapped inside a huge force field. When they got out, Aaron had a short confrontation with the black dragon Cadaos, but when he reminded the dragon of it's sad past, it gave him a seed of power, and flied off, promising to fight him later in an honorary duel. Just after that, a rebel draconian called Kargath arrived, flirting with Alaina. Aaron quickly got angry at Kargath, but they were interrupted when realizing Alaina had mercilessly been struck down by an evil knight. Aaron furiously activated the powers of his seed and easily killed the knight, then miraculously healed Alaina.

However, despite Aaron's new powers, they were overwhelmed by a swarm of enemies. They escaped into the mobile dwarven base, which again took flight. But an enemy commander called Nargos threw his magic spear at the base, which started a chainreaction of explosions and sending it burning towards the ground.

Alaina fainted in the crash, but Kargath cleaved through the hull, and Aaron carried her out of the wreck. He then noticed Cadaos being in danger on top of Razet's tower and spawned magic wings and, with Alaina in his arms, flied to the top, wanting to keep his promise to the dragon. He carefully placed Alaina safely in a force field, and mercilessly impaled Razet's heart, cursing him to live forever until he had learned the prospects of honor, then trapping him in a force field as well. However, with the help of Darkness, Razet managed to get out and returned to the fight with Aaron. Aaron summoned spears of holy light, threw them at Darkness, then picked up Alaina and escaped to the ground. Knowing the force field was not entirely safe, he instead wrapped them inside a large magical cocoon.

However, Cadaos blew up the cocoon from inside, throwing Alaina and Aaron to the air, but Aaron spawned his magical wings and flied to safely catch Alaina before hitting the ground. With Alaina in his arms, he flied back to the battlefield, dropping Alaina off and rejoined Kargath's slaughter. Soon Alaina and Am'ar joined them as well...

Description in detailsEdit

Alaina is a young beautiful elven lady, with cyan-blue hair. She wears a red headband and short violet assassin robes.

She is a lover of peace, but can be pretty tough in intense situations, or if she feels insulted, though she always let Aaron take care of all the fighting, if he is around. She cares a lot about Aaron and secretly wants a romantic relationship with him, rather than just a friendship.

She is very skillful at fencing and an adept gunner. She is also well trained in handling many intense situations in wars and conflicts.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Alaina was introduced in [6].

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