Aaron Talwar
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Vital statistics
Title(s) Warrior
Race Elf
Affiliation Rebel forces
Status Alive
Location Rebel Base Camp
Other facts
Created by clockwork2
Featured in Avataria #2

Aaron Talwar is an elf from Getax, who was teleported to Avataria and joined the rebel forces. His magic powers were greatly increased when Cadaos' seed of power sprouted inside him. His body was later split into four; Original Aaron, Red Aaron, Blue Aaron and Yellow Aaron, but they fused together once again.

Aaron Talwar is featured as clockwork2's Avatar Character in Avataria #2.


Aaron was born and raised on Getax, and in the beginning of his adulthood became a skilled high technology inventor and then a high-ranked military commander of an MCC (Mobile Command Center), from the elven village of Altanus but during a war in his world, he accidently went through a portal, and woke up in Avataria, next to his friend and colleague Alaina. They were located on sea in an amphibious dwarven mobile base, on the way to the Wall of Horror, to join the rebel forces in their fight for rightousness against the Kingdom of Evil. Soon the dwarven mobile base took flight and flied over the Wall of Horror, to strike inside the Wasteland of Evil, and Aaron charged out of the base, he killed many of the enemies, but soon found himself trapped in a force field with Alaina and the dwarven troops.

He broke through the force field, only to stand face to face with the evil Cadaos about to fight him, but after telling the dragon, that he knew of it's sad past on Getax, Cadaos gave him a Seed of Power, to meet him later in an honorary duel.

The draconian Kargath ran into the battlefield, joining Aaron's forces, but shortly after, Alaina was struck down by a black knight. Aaron was furious, and released his new magic powers, easily killing the knight, and afterwards miraculously healing Alaina. However, they were soon overwhelmed despite Aaron's powers and Aaron decided it was time to leave in the dwarven aircraft, but just as it flied off the ground, the evil captain Nargos threw a magic spear at the aircraft, causing it to explode and burst into fire, then crash back down on the ground. Kargath cleaved through the hull with his axe, and they got out safely. Alaina had fainted, but was at least alive.

He noticed Cadaos being in trouble on top of Razet's tower, so with his new powers, he spawned large magic wings on his back and flied up there, attempting to save the dragon. He laid Alaina's body carefully on the flat roof, and impaled Overlord Razet's heart with his crystal sword, cursing him to live forever until he had learned the prospects of honor, and then trapping him in a force field. Afterwards, he made an attempt to clear out the paralyzing poison in Cadaos' veins, but the poison was too strong, and Razet had successfully broken free of the force field, then returned to the tower's top with Darkness, exploding half of the tower's upper part in the progress.

He prayed to the Gods and Goddesses of light, and they granted him powerful spears of holy light, which he used to impale Darkness into a wall. Knowing that the force fields were not entirely safe, he grabbed Alaina and quickly flew down to the ground with Cadaos, wrapping them all safely inside a cocoon of adamantium. Darkness almost broke through it, but Aaron simply jailed Darkness inside another special cocoon. He felt safe with the two cocoons in use, and confidently fell asleep - inside the cocoon many of Aaron's technological gadgets stopped working, and he also became slightly younger, due to it's magical effects. However, he woke up when Cadaos blew up the cocoon from the inside and causing him and Alaina to be hurled through the air, but he safely grabbed Alaina with his new flying-abilities.

Post 46 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object

[46] - Aaron fights Razet and Darkness.

He flied back to Kargath and the rebel army with Alaina, and rejoined the battle, killing enemy portal summoners, until he discovered a nearby virus, Arcisal, who was controlling the orc rebel Am'ar Gaardos. He went to greet the orc, preparing himself to capture the virus. Arcisal predicted this, and leaped out of Am'ar's body, but Aaron successfully caught it in a device of his. Aaron, Am'ar, Kargath and Alaina then entered the battlefield together, but Aaron was soon locked into another solo fight with the almost immortal Razet, who had fused with Darkness. Aaron stabbed Razet's stomach, but his blade fastened, and Razet used this to his advantage slashing Aaron with his poisonous sword. Aaron faded and the evil captain Nargos dragged his body to Razet's tower.

A voice in Aaron's dream told him to fight on, as Avataria and Getax needed his aid, so he woke up while being dragged up the tower's black stairs by Nargos, and managed to fly out a window and enter yet another fight with Razet and Darkness, this time he managed to defeat Razet by sending the overlord to sleep with his own poison, then fought on with Darkness who had fused with an Elite Guard of Evil, but Aaron successfully seperated the two by throwing a javelin of light through the guard's stomach. However, this would not stop Darkness who cast a spell, turning the entire battlefield pitch-black, which he could teleport freely around in. Darkness then attacked Aaron from all directions, only to be parried everytime. The shadowy being then decided to summon the furious, fully-healed Cadaos back from the void rift, and fused with the dragon. The two flied to the top of Razets' ruined tower, with Aaron following them, and absorbed all the energy they could, doubling the size and powers of the horrifying dragon. Once Aaron caught up, Darkness channeled a spell from inside Cadaos, that instantly immobilized Aaron ...

Description in detailsEdit

Aaron wears a severely torn green MK. 1 combat suit, with black protection pads on the elbows and knees. A blue head-visor cover his long black hair and he wears black gloves. He has a long scar running straight through his face, from one chin over the nose and ends at the other chin. He wields the legendary blade Gaia and a few technological gadgets hangs from his black belt. The seed of power makes his body glow with a magical light, in a color resembling his mood.

Aaron is courageous, heroic and prefer to do things the honorable way, fighting for the light and valor. He is protective and caring for all the persons and places he love, and acts extremely angry, violent, merciless, and sometimes even mocking if he is on top of the situation, towards those who would harm his friends - especially Alaina's oppressors. He has a short temper and is easily angered, even by allies, but can also be romantic and humorous. He is relatively childish at times despite his veteranship and intelligence.

In his homeworld, he was taught advanced war tactics and combat techniques, as well as gunnery, sword use and fencing. The latter, being taught by Alaina. He is also a skilled engineer and knows the average elven Arcane experience, and holds the knowledge to combine technology with magic. He can cast a freezing spell trapping others in ice, or enchanting a weapon with icy features. He is able to cast a shattering spell and can create strong protecting or imprisoning force fields around target allies or enemies. The seed of power, given to him by Cadaos, gave him super-human strength and increased his magic capabilities greatly, with powers to grow magic wings with snow-like feathers, use powerful healing including clearing out poisonous wounds and even reviving fallen friends, and blasting off giant bolts of lightning. With the seed, his forcefields were strengthened a lot, with a new effect that could form a prison around those who attacks Aaron while he stands in a forcefield, at the cost of his forcefield disappearing - additionally, he can reinforce these prisons with ice and static barriers, but he also became capable of wrapping allies in unbreakable adamantium cocoons that partially rejuvenates their youth but makes some technological objects malfunctioning, or enemies in acid cocoons surrounded by extremely powerful barriers of holy energy, and several other abilities, though they all require a lot of magic energy and takes a great toll on Aaron's strength, making him sleepy. He has recently gotten it unlocked further via Dracor. It has enabled him to teleport around Avataria, It is unknown whether Aaron can leave Avataria with this new power. His faith in the Gods and goddesses of light also enables him to shape powerful javelins of holy light, and to create whirlwinds of blinding light when his body spins quickly, knocking away everything around him. However, he is not able to use these spells when in total darkness. He is also able to sense nearby supernatural beings, like ghosts or living computer viruses, and carries a device that can trap, contain, eliminate, and even tell the names of most viruses and communicate with them, even the powerful Arcisal was trapped in it, though Arcisal was able to escape it after a while.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Aaron was introduced in [6].
  • clockwork2 names most of his roleplaying characters "Aaron" - Aaron Talwar is no exception.
  • clockwork2 had been hearing a lot of criticism from the other roleplayers, accused of making Aaron too overpowered, but after a while he listened to the advice and stopped making more powerful abilities for the character, and instead used only the ones he had made already.
  • Aaron once had a red crystal blade, but he dropped it when he came in possession of Gaia. His "frying" gun from Getax was smashed in halves. He also had a rifle once, but it stopped working after his time in the magical adamantium cocoon.
  • Aaron has numerous times been mistaken for being a human, rather than an elf.

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