Chapter II, Avataria #2
Date 03-17-2012
Written by Ironside
Player Post № 4
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[9] is the ninth post in Avataria #2, and the fourth post by Ironside.

After Regex disappeared from the battlefield he went back to the camp. He started to look for any sort of metal or similar material everywhere around the camp. After being unable to find anything even after a long time he decided to ask a guard.

Regex: So tell me, do you people know metal?

Guard: Why wouldn't we?

Regex: (Thinking I'll better not tell) I was just kidding with you. Do tell me where I'll find it though

Guard: There's plenty in the ruins, but beware, the enemy lies there.

Immediately upon hearing so, Regex activated a button near his long black suit.

Regex: Coup de burst!

Suddenly, his speed increased by a significant amount, he disappeared from the camp in seconds.

After a while he finally arrives back at the battlefield where Am'ar was still fighting the beasts.

Regex: I see you're not done yet...

Am'ar: *laughs

Regex then takes out a very small object and runs towards the beasts. It appeared that a single hit got them to fall on the ground.

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