Chapter II, Avataria #2
Date 03-17-2012
Written by clockwork2
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[6] is the sixth post in Avataria #2, and the first post by clockwork2.

clockwork2 introduced two new characters in this post; Aaron Talwar and Alaina.

Aaron was comfortably seated in the commanders seat of his MCC(Mobile Command Center) which he had built from what damaged silver he found and could repair, it was a thing of beauty manufactured from all of his arcane and engineering experience, he was also experienced in fencing and Gunnery. it was about 8 years now since that incident from his village that was in a different homeworld, the only other remnant of that was his trusted loyal friend Alaina, she taught him all he needed to know about fencing. Gunnery was just naturally earned as he combated using his MCC's cannons(naturally it's intelligent computer helped) and wielding a gun alongside his Tanto in the battlefield. His comfort quickly shifted to anger when he flashed back to that horrid time.

Running from a burning village, Aaron looked to his other comrades, Alaina and a weary looking lad were the only survivors besides him.everyone else was dead, caught by surprise from the mechanical weaponry the invaders used. A loud crunch let Aaron Know someone was behind them, despite his very young age of 6, he was trained how to fight. Barely even checking the aim of his device, he turned it towards the mecha and pulled the trigger, taking pleasure in the agonized pain of the recently fried invader. Hearing more attackers advance, he grabbed Alaina and the others behind him, he was not letting anyone else of his kin die, not after all the slaughtered in his village. He fired his weapon until it short circuited and fizzled, he muttered angrily and made a note to find better material for his devices, looking up he saw that four of the lightning bolts had slammed into many of the pursuers. He finished of the rest with a spell of Freeze and then casted Shatter on them. They continued on till they were SUPPOSED to reach the bunker used by nearby peaceful villages should such situations emerge, but in its place was a swirling orange portal, and crunches behind them indicated the invaders had them surrounded.

Blinding colours came to Aaron's view, and he knew they were making the long journey through different realms. Aaron felt himself slowly get hungry and tired, and figured it was because the portal was using their energy to keep itself open till they made it to the realm. A shot was heard and the other boy was now dead, a smasher round crashing into his back, and then cracking apart when it bounced into the rim of the portal. "NOOOOO!!!!!I WILL AVENGE YOU!!!!!!" Aaron shouted, and fell asleep due to the portal siphoning his energy(what was left of it anyway). He awoke to Alaina eating a healthy meal of scrambled eggs and sausages and assorted vegetables, and she was talking to a man who was armed with a old looking blunderbuss(which confused Aaron greatly, as many preferred a shard rifle in his world for hunting). "Oy! Good to see your still in some good shape after coming here, whats you and your companions names?" The man said, appearing to mean no harm. "I'm Aaron Talwar, this is Alaina. We're from the elven village Altanus, i imagine you've never heard of it though. Our friend there is.... dead, killed by armored warmachines." Aaron answered, and pointed to the dead boy. "Aye I don't, and I'm sorry for yer loss. I see you know a bit of engineering, that's a interesting weapon your holding." The man said, pointing towards the weapon Aaron was barely holding on to. "Shoots lightning bolts, i also know fencing. Alaina taught me most of what I know in fencing." Aaron said, "can i have some of that food?" "Sure! Ya need some food after using a portal, surprised you even made it after making the retreat from yer village" The Man Said, handing Aaron a plate of food. " Those little maggots came from portals like these armed with technology superior to our dwarven friends tech. I fight against those beasties who destroyed your village, if you want you can join our little rebellion." The man said. "Well then we'd like to join you" Alaina and Aaron said in unison.

So that lead him to where he was, chief of a crew of combat engineers and Mecha Armors(robots really.) along with other technological weapons. His base of ops(which was rather small with 2 mecha bays(each housing 5 mecha armors or mechanical troops) a armory and no bunking rooms) was amphibious,(can travel on sea) and fast, it was pretty durable too. he was headed to the wall of horror to aid the rebels in their fight, he remembered that back when he recruited his dwarf and elf crew, they were quite in-experianced in the beginning. He wondered if this realm was not as technologically advanced as his, he noted that a chunk of his memories were gone now. it was nothing important, just memories of him and Alaina training, he guessed it was a side effect from his portal crossing. For the battle coming Aaron had loaded the MCC's mecha bays with Lycans, which were heavily armed with anti infantry shrapnel cannons. A blast of GIGANTIC light came and suddenly Aaron and his crew(including Alaina of course) were sent flying to the ground. "WHAT THE!!!!" Aaron shouted, bracing to roll upon impact to minimize damage. He the grabbed out his weapon(a gun which blasts bolts of magically enchanced electricity at things, it soon overheats though when fired repeatedly).

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