Chapter II, Avataria #1
Date 04-05-2010
Written by Amargaard
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[5] is the fifth post in Avataria #1, and the third post by Amargaard. It is the begining of Chapter II.

In the town hall on a table, the "Mayors hat of Reyvmadir" lied. It looked much like Amargaard's hat, but an "R" was painted on the front side to let people know that it represents Reyvmadir. Amargaard starred at the hat almost as if it was his own, not because he wanted it, but it was like his own - a tall beautiful hat for a small poor town. - "I can't do this, Edward... The hat does not belong to me, and I already have enough people to lead...".

Edward smiled and answered - "I understand Amargaard... It's your decision, and no matter what you do, me and the rest of Aediwenas former council members will always back you up. You know that...". Edward Blitz walked out the town hall and only Amargaard was left in the building. Amargaard saw a little Gold-plate with some text scratched in on the same table as the "Mayors hat of Reyvmadir" and began to read: The Mayors hat of Reyvmadir is a magical artifact that will bring power to the city, as long as its weared by a smart leader. The city may look small and poor, but it's just an illusion. When the city once again will gain a smart leader, the small ruined buildings will become tall beautiful defensive towers.. Amargaard laughed at the little gold-plate, and walked out the door. Suddenly, around the city, some huge dark-red beings approached the city... Demons! An attack had begun, from no other than the most evil beings in the universe...! The people of Reyvmadir and the evacuated people from Aediwena screamed and ran confused to different places in the city... They could gain protection nowhere.

Edward ran up to Amargaard - "What are we suppose to do?!". Amargaard didn't knew what to answer, but after a while he said "Gather everyone... Our people as well as Reyvmadirs people and try find another way out of the city...". Edward Blitz nodded and ran back to the people. Amargaard, looked at the hat...