Chapter XI, Avataria #1
Date 05-04-2010
Written by Amargaard
Player Post № 24
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[54] is the fifty-fifth and last post in Avataria #1, and the twenty-fourth post by Amargaard.

Kallrog watched out the left battlefield. Quiet... The empty dead look in his eyes made him look like the rest of his soldiers, soulless! The battlefield was still filled with rotten Goblin-corpses from last time. It was night, the moon gave the blood-dotted grass a shining light blue look, pretty beautiful. The leaders of the group had decided to camp until early morning where the journey against Reyvmadir would continue. Because they doesn't need sleep Kallrog, his soldiers and the Stone-men will patrol the camp during the dark night guarding it from whatever dangers lurking in between the high peaks...

Blood Arc sat in his tent alone. His long wormy mouth had a dark red-brown color with revealed pumping veins. His evil black eyes was closed and he seemed very concentrated about meditating or something. His black bat-wings had been heavily damaged during the battle with Kakuslor, but now all the wounds on his body was slowly dissapearing flashing with a dark green light and became normal skin yet again. He had no shirt on and a muscled chest could be seen under the dark-gray hair that covered his arms too. Golden Bracelets around his arms above his huge killer claws. He knew it would be dangerous to turn into his Silverstein-shape before his healing-ritual was finished, due to the heavy wounds the Human would be dead, but not if the wounds get healed first. He thought about choosing a new keeper to bear the curse of Blood Arcs corruption instead of Silverstein, too weak against powerful foes like in the Kakuslor-fight before! What about that Undead General? ...

Ratava stood alone in the former circle of fire that Kakuslor had created, his demonic form was still active and he felt like the fel energy dragged him, but Issranda had once told him how to resist. He turned around ready to go back to the camp, but then he saw Issranda, right in front of him. She was smiling in her cute way and General Ratavas' inner feelings for her made him turn into Human. He took her hand and they kissed eachother...

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