Chapter XI, Avataria #2
Date 03-25-2012
Written by Ironside
Player Post № 13
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[53] is the fifty-third post in Avataria #2, and the thirteenth post by Ironside.

Regex was getting tired by making constant inefficient attacks towards Auxion, he saw that he basically has no hope of defeating this figure without using something bigger.

Auxion is able to see that the opponent is trying to come up with some sort, but at this very time Auxion interrupts his thoughts:

Auxion: Yes, you've had a fair amount of time to attack me and yet you failed. It's about time I attack.

Regex: *sigh*

Auxion: I'll tell you a little secret, the body you're fighting right now is not something that can defeat you without the orb. All it can do is gain power equal to the enemies.

To actually eliminate you, I'll have to add my true power to this worthless mortal.

Regex: What are you implying?

Auxion: Well, the true me is capable of using up to any 6 corpses and grant each of them part of my power until I can resurrect myself in my godly state.

Before Regex could even try to continue talking, the body of Auxion started to shine brightly green.

Auxion: This is it, now feel true power

Auxion slowly approaches Regex, while he prepares his best possible defence.

After a few second of walking Auxion punches the air and Regex takes the hit.

Regex: Impossible! You never touched me!

Auxion: So far you've been battling the Waygate of Balance, but since I only have 1 body at this point, I've decided to enchant it with the Waygate of Inverse.

The risk of putting more than 1 power is great; This body will be destroyed because it wields far too great power for a mortal body.

But that is of no problem because I'll replace the old one with yours after I slay you.

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