Chapter XI, Avataria #1
Date 04-28-2010
Written by SoLmaster
Player Post № 8
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[53] is the fifty-third post in Avataria #1, and the eighth post by SoLmaster.

Silverstein was still weak but was better. "Sorry, Killrog. You can follow but as a spirit. Now to find that body." He searched the battle to find the body of the Hume-god. He found a letter adressed to him and Issranda. He opened to find the writing in blood. "Dear Blood arc and Issranda. I am the dark lord of all evil. The old lord fell and I now rule over all the evil. You meet my Hume-god. Now join me or face him again. Love, DL of E." He read it again. "Well, holy blood arc. Now, Issranda! come over here."

She came to see the human with a letter. "What! Oh silverstien. What does it say." He hands her the letter. She felt even more bad. "Oh hell, well time to move." They moved the bodies while the demons still waited. Their expression, oh boy your so dead. Silverstein burned the bodies and they set off with a great pace. The only body he kept was killrog's. He need to go to the spring of Grouse, the only place where he can go.

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