Chapter XI, Avataria #2
Date 03-25-2012
Written by Arcisal
Player Post № 4
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[52] is the fifty-second post in Avataria #2, and the fourth post by Arcisal.


The human! Apparently, the cyberspace creature had not foreseen this. He had having too much fun in Am'ar's body, he suspected. Muscular arms and bloodlust is a satisfying thing. But this person had encased him. He had done the impossible! A wretched caveman, defining the confines of what they called a god! Impossible! Or so, this warden will think. But let this person think. He will find his captor, and he will make him regret his petty mistake. For now, he had to be content with what he had left, front row seats to the show.

Other 1Edit

The beast was great. An immortal of darkness consumed this ancient creature of power. Now I stand against this beast of fury and violence and hatred. He thought of Alaina and his home, will he ever see them again after this battle? Could this finally be his last stand? But with valor and honor, he shall face the foes of light! Come evil thing, face your maker!

The tower creaked and shook at the sheer presence of Cadaos. The immense size alone stretched the limits of the tower to collapse. The darkness within him rendered him helpless, but unimaginably powerful at the same time. His mind waged a torrential war of will with the darkness that threatened to totally consume him. Each waking moment brought his mind and control into total oblivion. Already, the darkness had began to physically manifest itself, making Cadaos body look like a horrid mix of both scale and shadow. 

"You petty being! Burn!!" the darkness roared from within Cadaos as flames of deep sickly purple conjured around Aaron, making him unable to move anywhere.

Other 2Edit

Just for awhile more. Just for awhile more. Just for awhile more...

A torrent of frantic thoughts and foresights barraged Nargos's mind as he continued to wage the losing battle. He could had never imagine this happening. The rebels! How did this happen! A petty force stood before them last dawn and now an entire legion threatens to destroy them! Perhaps if he fought on more, the reinforcements would finally arrive. Then, he can make his escape. Then can he avoid the notorious fiery punishment for losing commanders that awaited him, back at the base. Yes, that was what he would do. He would desert this place! Run away from the battlefield...from the darkness...

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