Chapter XI, Avataria #1
Date 04-27-2010
Written by Masken
Player Post № 22
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[52] is the fifty-second post in Avataria #1, and the twenty-second post by Masken.

Kakuslor became overconfident. Instead of actually aiming for one target to kill, he began swooping around with his huge mace wielding an evil grin on his face. Ratava and his men stood well out of range along with the stone men. The knew he couldn't leave the fiery circle and there was basically no chance of ending his life since he could easily take one step back and be back to hell. Ratava ran to check on Issranda and Kallrog. Silverstein were still hidden amongst the dust.

Kallrog did not seem well. His head was all bloodied down as Issranda desperately tried everything in her power to save his life. But it had no use, he was already dead. She began to focus on the battle itself and had just realized what should be done to defeat that monstrosity as Ratava came. Ratava looked at Kallrog, then at Issranda. She shook her head but began discussing strategy:

- Those flames are fel flames. Meant to destroy all that is holy. But you Ratava, have a gift. As well as your men. Use that gift, and put an end to him!

Ratava knew exactly what she was talking about. He ran back towards the hume-god. Kakuslor were getting pissed of the cowardice of his enemies. He wished to step out of the flames, but it would most likely be his undoing. He spotted Ratava running towards his men. In hopes of anger him Kakuslor said:

- Come on then! You have no time to visit your boyfriend over there! Come here and give me you best shot!

To his suprise Ratava and his men approached him. Kakuslor were thrilled that his taunting were successful. There was only one thing he didn't count on. Ratava and his men looked different. The once weak humans had turned into powerful demons. Kakuslor began backing towards the portal, but it was too late. Ratava had stuck his PRO Yrots right through his heart. Kakuslor fell down, never to rise again.

Silverstein had reappeared for the dust. He had a severe arm wound. He approached Kallrog and Issranda. She shook her head ut he ignored her. He gave control to Blood Arc and started channeling a dark spell. Kallrog opened his eyes, wondering what happened. Blood Arc walked away. Issranda followed his. She grabbed his arm and said:

- That man was dead! How were you able to bring him back to life?

- I didn't, responded Blood Arc. Kallrog died there. However, his body is still useful.

You could see the dispise in Issranda's eyes. She stormed away, furious...

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