Chapter XI, Avataria #2
Date 03-25-2012
Written by Ironside
Player Post № 12
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[51] is the fifty-first post in Avataria #2, and the twelfth post by Ironside.

Auxion finally arrives at the battlefield, he begins to search for a powerful opponent whom he will slay first. 

Regex, still hanging at the back of the war, due to having no weapons left other than melee combat was sitting on a rock and waiting to recover from fighting so much.

He was good at using weapons but he definitely wasn't much of a melee fighter.

Auxion finally locates his pray and slowly approaches the target. Regex notices the approaching human.

Regex: You seem like you have a type of plan in store, but let me warn you, a simple human such as yourself won't get the chance to damage me

He then turns around and shows to him his robotic body.

Auxion: It does seem like a normal body, doesn't it...?

Auxion attacks regex using his normal human fist, 

Regex: Mega Punch!

A fire booster opened at the back of the hand, making his punch very fast.

They hit eachother in the hand but nothing happened, they blocked out eachothers attack equally. 

Regex jumps back and starts to think how this can be, he was sure that the power level of the human rised when he used his Mega Punch.

Regex: Interesting, then it's time for *Coup de Burst

Auxion: Failed efforts...

Regex increases his speed and strikes at Auxion, aiming for a head removal leg attack.

Auxion stood still and punched back with his head, blocking the entire attack and sending Regex flying back.

Auxion: You may be wondering how this is possible, I'll tell you this, anything you can do, I can do better. That is my power.

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