Chapter XI, Avataria #1
Date 04-26-2010
Written by Amargaard
Player Post № 23
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[51] is the fifty-first post in Avataria #1, and the twenty-third post by Amargaard.

Silverstein stood behind Kakuslor while the Demonic brawler swung his huge dark Iron mace with metallic spikes on the side and crushed another whole Stone-man. Silverstein climbed up the red Demon Champion's back and stuck his two sharp thin blades into Kakuslors' shoulder. Kakuslor yelled out but then grabbed Silverstein and throwed him into the ground with full power, making the ground explode and left a dust fog blinding nearby attackers. Was Silvestein dead, Humans would normally not survive such a powerful blow, but he was indeed a half God. Well, nothing could be seen through the dust-cloud... Kakuslor jumped out of the dust surprising nearby soldiers and wiping them out with his mace and killed another Stone-man, only three was left, but they were pretty safe behind the other soldiers. He was an incredible destruction-machine and just kept killing his enemies easily, until he saw that only few of his wolf-riding companions was left. He lifted up his mace high in the air and sayed some magic demonic words. Sudddenly fire shot up from the ground in a circle around him and a dark red Hell Portal began to open. The Fire was still defending him from non-ranged attacks and he continued. The two swords had grown stuck into his shoulder due to the Chaotic energy of the portal and now they actually was part of him, with same color and all...

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