Chapter XI, Avataria #2
Post 50 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object
Date 03-25-2012
Written by -Peper-
Player Post № 13
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[50] is the fiftieth post in Avataria #2, and the thirteenth post by -Peper-. It is the beginning of chapter XI.

The poison quickly takes effect on Razet's body. He began to crawl through the ground "The antidote, where is it?" It is in the tower, pity Razet. Few seconds later he lost his conciousness.

Darkness saw this, then sent Razet's body to the void rift "Another useless man..." He then in the elite guard's body began to fight Aaron. Swords clanging and clashing sounds could be heard as they fight. Finally Aaron summons another light spear and threw it into Darkness, forcing his to get out of the body and impaling him to the wall. "Cursed lights! You will not summon those again!" In rage, he raised his hands and shout "Lights out!" Suddenly, the battlefield become pitch-black. Rebels and the Evil armies couldn't see anything, even their own friends. "Feel the fear." He began to attack Aaron in every direction, but Aaron successfuly parried them. He is unable to summon lights in this condition, but as long he parries the attack it will be okay.

Darkness, annoyed by this condition, felt a surge of power in his own void rift. The time has come, apparently. He summoned back Cadaos, that is cured from the poison. Darkness went into him and fly into the tower. Aaron pursues them to the tower, now the sky is back normal. In the top of the tower, they faced. Darkness inside Cadaos began to gain power, and soon made Cadaos' body grow bigger and bigger, now almost the size as the tower. His wings blocks the skies, his eyes are full of hatred and his mouth emit the fiery rage. Now he got no real weaknesses. "Come" he said. 

Below, Nargos' army were unable to fight of the rebels, they were outnumbered. But the reinforcements come, which were some new royal guards.

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