Chapter XI, Avataria #1
Date 04-25-2010
Written by Masken
Player Post № 21
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[50] is the fiftieth post in Avataria #1, and the twenty-first post by Masken. It is the beginning of chapter XI.

- If you were so kind to surrender, i would be pleased to let you... Hahahaha, i shure could not say that with a straight face, said Kakuslor with an tainted voice.

Blood Arc belived there was no time to exhange plesantries and flew far up in the air. He broke through the clouds before he flew back down again. He was flying with tremendous speed, aiming straight for Kakuslor. The Hume-god smiled and waited. Just as Blood Arc were to hit Kakuslor, the Hume-god took a grip to Blood Arc's throat and threw him to the ground. Kakuslor walked to Blood Arc and started kicking him. Kallrog could not sit idily by and see his god being slaughtered. He took a firm grip on his axe and lounged towards Kakuslor. The demons stood at a distance, enjoying the fight. Blood Arc were too weak and had given back control to Silverstein. He was pissed of Blood Arc's reckless behaviour, but had no time (or means) of punishing him. He grabbed his blades and went back into battle. Ratava followed Silverstein, rushing towards Kallrog's aid.

Silverstein moved too fast for Kakuslor's huge clumsy mace, but Kallrog and Ratava were easy targets. Both of the were hurled away by a mighty blow. Kallrog had fallen with his head on a rock, knocking him uncounscious. Ratava however, were caught by one of the more rapid thinking stone-men, and was safely placed on the ground. Ratava sought to use Kakuslor's attention of Silverstein to his advantage, carefully approaching the hume-god. Issranda had begun treating Kallrog's head wound, but she cannot be certain that he would survive...

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